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This start-up has launched a world first ‘Netflix for news’ service with over a...

Australian start-up inkl has launched its first-of-a-kind iOS smartphone app offering consumers one platform to unlock multiple newspaper paywalls from reputable publishers around the world.

Apps are replacing traditional services in Australia; are you among the affected?

New research from Australian taxi app and mobile payment provider, ingogo, has revealed the top industries where Australian consumers are using apps to replace...

The weekend just got owned. By a newspaper, and it’s better than you can...

This is the latest ad from The Guardian and The Observer. And it's big. I mean, really big. Not quite as big as space, but it's definitely big. It goes where no other newspaper has gone before, trademarking two consecutive days on the week.

Perhaps newspapers aren’t the dying medium we’ve been led to believe [VIDEO]

How often have you read a newspaper lately? I mean a real-life, ink-on-your-fingers newspaper? And, when you did, who much of it, and how intensely did you read it?

How a small fry can dominate Google

At some point, many small businesses feel stuck – stuck behind a larger competitor with resources that far outstrips their own. All is not lost though because, according to Fiona Mackenzie, these businesses are prime candidates to turn to the Internet which offers a level playing field and where a small one-man band can be bigger than Goliath. Start with thinking small, she tells Anthill.

Tabloid newspaper parodies iPhone ads

Britain's The Sun newspaper decided to showcase some of its core product's hottest features in a way that impressionable tech-savvy consumers might comprehend. Introducing... the newspaper -- this holiday season's must-have, feature-packed content interface for the person on the go.

Calacanis was right. Murdoch and Microsoft in talks to freeze out Google

Well whaddya know. Two weeks after we wrote about Mahalo founder Jason Calacanis's suggestion that Microsoft and News Corporation should do a search deal that freezes out Google (Murdoch and Calacanis hatch separate plans to shut out Google)... it's been revealed that Microsoft and Murdoch's News Corporation are in talks about just such a deal.

The New York Times gets a Daily Show dacking

For all the sober analysis and prognostication being offered about the troubles facing the newspaper industry, often the most revealing truths surface through satire....

What the newspaper industry needs to do to survive

Frankly, it sounds like newspapers are struggling to understand the opportunities and rules that govern the online world. There is a whole generation that has grown up with the concept of freemium economics. Try to charge them for something they have always had for free and you’ll lose them altogether. They need to remember that their main customers are advertisers.

The future of news

The solemn burial of The Bulletin earlier this year sent even the most stoic media professional into a long, hard navel gaze. Things used...
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How Master the Art of Sales Even if it Makes You...

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New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...