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The Aussies are coming! Car-cleaner franchise conquers Russia

Russians far and wide are witness to an incursion from a rare staging point. An Australian franchise has made a big splash in the land formerly known for perestroika and currently known for its high concentration of billionaires (Moscow has more of 'em than any city on Earth; it's true, we Wiki'ed it).

Nanotek Car Cleaning Service (SMART 100)

After six years of success as Ecowash Mobile, we conducted market research into the consumer perception of the brand. We found that consumers were more interested in our technology. As a result of this research, we re-positioned our service and re-branded based on the unique and exclusive liquid nanotechology via which we provide our service. Whilst still having the same environmental credentials, the new Nanotek brand better conveys not only the technology but the unmatched quality of the service.
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