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Melbourne IT – Domains, search engine optimisation and website design

Melbourne IT is one of Australia’s most trusted providers of online business solutions helping small businesses grow via the Internet. From domain name registration to...

A Smarter Planet: The Next Leadership Agenda

As the world wakes up to the danger and promise of global integration, Australia's business and political leaders have a choice. Will we content ourselves with surviving the storm, or will we use this opportunity to change the game by infusing intelligence into the systems that support our economy and our society?

10 things you DON’T need to know about computers

1. A computer is a computer. Wrong. You get what you pay for. A cobbled together car from various parts is not a Commodore -...

10 things you DON'T need to know about computers

1. A computer is a computer. Wrong. You get what you pay for. A cobbled together car from various parts is not a Commodore -...

Dump your old IT systems and save money

It seems like everyone is scrambling to find ways to cut costs these days. Projects are being put on hold, redundancies are piling up, travel scaled back, etc. And when it comes to technology costs, no organisation is safe. But how do you ensure IT does its part to reduce costs while ensuring you don't compromise security or competitive advantage? There are a number of maturing technologies that are peaking at just the right time to deliver in the downturn.

IT security: the Danish pastry approach

You're in a bind - the IT guy keeps yammering on about security and the scare stories fill the press, but the costs seem excessive. With no water-tight guarantees, most security 'solutions' look like expensive snake oil. Could the solution be concealed within a popular baked confectionery? Colin Lewis thinks so.

Content is still king

Mobile companies across the globe have spent billions of dollars creating networks that essentially all offer the same services. It's been a huge investment just to get to the starting line. But the real challenge is in providing something that is different from the competition.
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The Top 5 Most Insanely Dumb Mistakes made by Rookie and...

LinkedIn is a professional and commercial platform. What you do on LinkedIn matters: it really matters, and if you’re not careful, your actions can backfire and tarnish your brand and your integrity. We're going to throw out a wild guess and say that you don’t want to get burned by your mistakes. Fair enough. This FREE REPORT from David Hobson has the five most common LinkedIn mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.



New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...