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In search of a tagline, Oodles.com offers the Twittersphere a $1,000 prize

To coincide with today's relaunch of the oodles.com website, Sherlock and his team are inviting Twitter users to suggest a tagline for their online car rental platform. The author of the winning tweet tagline (twagline?) as chosen by Oodles staff will receive $1,000 cash.

Is crowdsourcing killing the traditional design industry?

Love it or hate it, crowdsourcing - harnessing the wisdom of the crowd - is changing the face of design. Angelina Russo takes a look at the winners and losers in this democratic revolution.

Are your customers revolting?

Soon after the NSW State Government announced the re-design of their state logo, the public decided that they could do a better job! After the Federal Government threw away $8 Million on creating the now defunct Grocery Choice website to monitor supermarket prices, a group of consumers set up @price_check - a Twitter-based crowdsourcing experiment. These days, if you don’t engage your customers, they’ll mobilise against you.

Website of the Week: A quirky new path to market for product ideas

Ben Kaufman, who also founded mophie and kluster, is back with a new variation on NameThis: quirky. The premise is this: entrepreneurs and creative people in general are bubbling with far more product ideas than they can possibly pursue. Consequently, these ideas end up dormant or exploited by someone else. Described by Kaulfman as a "social product development company", quirky invites users to submit their product ideas for US$99 each - this ensures that only the best ideas are lodged. The quirky community selects one product from the pool of submitted ideas every seven days. From there, the community (known as "influencers") weigh in by voting, rating and influencing other people's product ideas.

Tapping the crowd

In past recessions, the tried and proven strategy has been for organisations to shed all non-core businesses and hunker down to the job of...

The hunt for our next cover goes global

As part of our ongoing Magazine 2.0 Experiment, we asked readers to suggest ideas for our cover. We were so impressed by your ideas...


So you’re worried that your new product name might prove to be commercial Kryptonite? Or perhaps you just want to share your genius for...
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How to pitch sales and marketing ideas to your boss with...

If you work in sales and marketing, part of your job is to demonstrate your value. In fact, this is a universal rule in any workplace. So, how do you get the attention of your immediate boss – team leaders, sales managers, marketing direc-tors, the CEO or even the Board – to, ultimately, make your ideas happen? Check out this FREE REPORT



New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...