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Don’t have time to stop and smell the roses? Google Nose (beta) can do...

If you're not sure what success smells like, try the new Google Nose Search tool. Optimised especially for April Fools! Google has gone all out in this year's April Fool's videos. Here are the top three.

I can’t believe we waited so long for this: Gmail Blue [VIDEO]

You can never have too much blue. Blue water. Blue sky. Blue whales. The Blue Man Group. So, now Gmail is blue too. This is an excellent April Fool's video from Gmail.

You’re never too young to learn the joys of project tracking. Introducing JiraJr [VIDEO]

This is possibly my favourite April Fools video for 2013. Atlassian also took the cake in 2012 with its brilliant explanation of pair programming.

Google Maps finally catering for one of the most popular computer systems ever sold...

It's been a long time coming. Google have finally embraced one of the most popular computer systems ever sold, the Nintendo Entertainment System, or...

Atlassian releases Pair Programming, the next synergistic paradigm in programming [VIDEO]

Pair Programming is the latest synergistic paradigm to emerge from the interwebs. Without it, your company is not achieving core productivity levels or achieving exponential growth potentials. Internet superheroes, Atlassian have cornered the market and launched the first, easy to use guide to this revolutionary coding technique.

Scoop: New Apple TV to launch in six months! [VIDEO]

Now firmly installed as the new chief at Mashable, Conan shows his real power. He gets the scoop of 2012 by stealing the latest prototype from Apple. Behold, the Apple TV! Apparently, it's set to hit the market within six months.

Tired of watching YouTube online? Try the complete YouTube collection, now available on DVD...

No more having to wait for buffering with your patchy download, you can watch your YouTube videos instantly, direct from your shiny, new DVD collection!

Man’s best friend laps up Ikea Australia’s Hundstol, one of many 1 April innovations...

Every year, we at Stately Anthill Manor await the first day of April with giddy anticipation. The array of innovation unveiled by companies of every stripe never fails to drop our jaws to the pavement. But none approach Ikea Australia's gift to man's best friend -- the Hundstol.

Google releases the gBall… eh herm

Gotta love Google. It's not enough that they have a kick-arse global business. They have a wicked sense of humour, too. In October last year, Google...
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