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Social media influencer app TRIBE launches in the UK after AUD$5.35M Series A round


TRIBE, an online marketplace that connects brands with everyday micro-influencers, is launching in the UK following an AUD$5.35M Series A to fund international growth.

TRIBE launched in Australia in November 2015 and is the brainchild of Jules Lund, a TV and radio host who has swapped celebrity life for Silicon Valley.

Lund, founder of TRIBE comments, “Word of mouth recommendations have always been the holy grail of marketing – and technology enables us to democratise the influencer marketplace. With the TRIBE app, brands can now manage 100 microinfluencers in the time it took to manually manage one.”

How is TRIBE doing so far?

Moët Hennessy, Selfridges and Burt’s Bees are the first brands to use the platform with launch campaigns already buying over 100 unique pieces of branded content from UK-based content creators.

Greg McCann, digital marketing manager, Moët Hennessy said, “After hearing about the success Moët Hennessey has with TRIBE in Australia, we were excited to set up our own UK campaign. The results have been great, having received 99 submissions from talented content creators in just over a week.”

One of the influencers who collaborated with Selfridges, Akvile Lesauskaite added, “TRIBE is a game changer for content creators, because it allows us to connect with unique, global brands every single day”.

Lesauskaite is a fashion illustrator with 12.4k followers on her Instagram account: @akvileles. TRIBE specialises in connecting advertisers to micro-influencers – those with 3,000 to 100,000 followers on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Brands or agencies can create a campaign brief on the self-serve platform; and within minutes, thousands of micro-influencers can respond to the brief with original content celebrating that product.

There is no cost for brands to upload a brief or even receive the content up front; advertisers only pay for submissions they approve. Helping brands and influencers operate as transparently as possible, TRIBE recommends ensuring content is identifiable as ‘paid for’ by use of #ad on posts. TRIBE is also the first company in the industry to set benchmark rates for social media content. In just 16 months, the platform has connected 2,000 brands with 10,000 influencers, generating 75,000 pieces of branded content.