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One Perth woman’s naked ambition: bringing clear vision to 10 million


It’s a modest proposal – a humble notion, you might say. Well, that’s not really accurate. It might be better to call it a naked ambition.

It’s nakedspecs.com, a new online eyewear offering with its sights set on bringing clear vision to more than 10 million people through a community giving program.

One for five…

With a range of designer prescription glasses and polarized sunglasses from $90 a pair , and free worldwide shipping and a no-fuss returns policy, Naked Specs is the only eyewear company in the world to have a ‘buy 1, give 5’ social-giving model.

The company’s lineup offers and assortment of frames that appeal to a wide cross-section of people. From hipster features to geek chic glasses (and stylish names such as Sevilla, New York and Valencia), the range has, according to founder Carol Pearce, ‘a number of ultra-light and feminine frames including a cat’s eye collection, as well as wooden and bamboo frames.’

The online store at nakedspecs.com is easy to browse, with frames grouped into collections. The site also features virtual try-on software. The team at Naked Specs will even call optometrists direct for customer’s prescriptions! All glasses are manufactured to order with high index extra-thin lenses, and scratch resistant lens coatings are included in their low prices. Customers can save hundreds of dollars buying great glasses with the added bonus of giving to those less fortunate, choosing from a range of eye-care initiatives to personally support in less developed countries when they checkout.

“I am excited about Naked Specs commitment to community giving,” says Pearce. “I want people to be able to shop with a conscience and make a difference.”

The naked truth

nakedspecs.com launched on 23 December 2013. Privately owned by Carol Pearce who is based in Perth, Western Australia, the company distributes glasses worldwide, with most orders delivered within a week. Pearce is a well-known entrepreneur in Western Australia  for her involvement in various startups across the region. She is passionate about ‘changing the way the world sees’ and bringing high quality glasses to the world at affordable prices. Pearce is currently available for interviews and loves to talk about ‘business for good’.

When asked why she calls her business ‘Naked Specs’, Pearce says, “because we want to be transparent. We’re not about expensive fakery – we’re…Naked…and a little bit cheeky!”