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New basin-toilet design combines water saving and aesthetic style


Form or function? A question that bristles the minds of architects and designers alike.

Most consumers simply ask, “Can’t we have both?” Well, yes, from time to time designers strike an ingenious balance between the two.

Take W+W, an L-shaped single unit toilet/sink that will satisfy both the environmentalist and minimalist in you. Functionally, the sink and toilet are internally integrated with wastewater from the sink fed directly into the toilet’s cistern, thus saving as much as 25 percent of the water used by conventional sink/toilet combinations.

And the design is just plain sleek.

Developed by the Roca Innovation Lab and designed by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, it costs EUR 2,731 (plus delivery) to have one installed at your home. Not too pricy for a sink, a toilet and an internal water-saving system all-in-one.



Via Springwise

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