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How can your business use VoIP to enhance customer experience? [INFOGRAPHIC]


The specific goals of different businesses will obviously vary, but there are some objectives which should be on the wish list of every business owner. One of those is to maximize customer satisfaction and a significant factor in achieving this is to respond to their queries with professionalism, diligence, care and speed.

As this infographic from Paradyn shows, customer experience can be greatly enhanced by the adoption of VoIP phone systems. With VoIP, a customer’s query is handled by the same operative from start to finish, which cuts out the nuisance of the query being passed around a call center like a football. Also, as VoIP facilitates 24/7 call answering, customers can get in touch with the company at any time and feel confident that their query will receive an instant response.

VoIP isn’t just beneficial for the customer, but for the company also. A virtual phone system is cheaper to run than a traditional phone line model and, as customer queries are being handled immediately, the company’s reputation is enhanced. In an age where customers can leave unbiased online reviews in minutes, a good public image has never been more important for businesses to have, especially in industries where competition is fierce.

Check out the infographic below for further reading on VoIP.

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