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Does this video parody mean Google+ has hit the big time?


Will Google+ make us delete our Facebook accounts and drop our Twitter feed? Despite its apparent success in attracting tens of millions of users in less than a month, the jury is very much still out. But G+ can solidly claim this +1 on the zeitgeist scale — it has inspired a parody.

An outfit called Break Originals (we won’t be snarky and call them a poor man’s Funny or Die — oops, we just did) posted this video of a fresh-faced girl who, unwillingly at first, becomes addicted to Google+ and its Circles, Hangouts and Sparks.

Does it turn out well for the young lady? We did say it’s a parody, right?

Please use the comment section below for an unofficial Anthill survey: Can you see yourself replacing your current social-media addictions with Google+?

The Google+ Song

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