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This innovation initially came to life when…

I realised that plants possess a powerful intelligence which they use to manipulate soil microbiology in order to feed and medicate themselves.


The purpose of this innovation is to…

…completely replace soluble chemical fertilisation practice in world agriculture.

It does this by…

…by using volcanic base material with biochar produced to my patent specn, and which is of superior potency. The latter is prepared from bamboo on lower slopes of tropical rainforest, which traps nutrients from the rf – in effect these are enormous compost heaps! Bamboo is pyrolised and the char to be imported for Geomite production.


This innovation improves on what came before because…

No leaching to environment, the concept explains exactly why chemical fertn (a) creates vulnerability to pest/disease attack (b) actually aborts a natural process of soil carbon sequestration by plants. Geomite in combination with deep burrowing earthworms is able to generate carbon production in soils to depths of several metres – terra preta.

Its various benefits to the customer/end-user include…

When activated with a range of specific micro-organisms, the mix becomes a combined fertiliser, soil bio-ameliorant, carbon creator, and structural builder. Can be manufactured on regional basis by small plants. Cost is half that of chemical product.


In the past, this problem was solved by…

Synthetic chem fertilisers have been damaging environment since close of WWII after explosives manuf was turned to fertiliser manuf. By creating pest/disease attack they make the use of lethal sprays necessary. The rise of environmental conscience has brought us to the realisation that this practice must be halted.

Its predecessors/competitors include…

…organic and biodynamic farming, which each attack facets of the problem. Biomineral technique requires all aspects of plant/soil interaction be addressed. My two original papers on the process have been accepted for the International Biochar conference, Brazil, next September.


It is made for…

World use. Australian company in process of formation, plant design underway. Has been recognised in Mexico and steps underway to form Geomite America. Linkedin group formed. Indonesian contacts formed for bamboo biochar production. Agave plantations for biofuel production in Mex, Australia and S Africa awaiting trial results and if OK, will be basis for overseas development, with manuf plants exported from Aust.


It is available for sale through…

Initially bulk to orchards, vineyards. Next to N Australia growers – can, horticulture – during southern winter. Via 15 kg packs for home gardens from major Aust chains.

Our marketing strategy is to…

Bulk broadacre and horticulture first, home market after. Marketing and company formation planning currently underway. Further details available: Biomineral Technique in Agriculture doc



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