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8-year-old Juju gives Egypt’s Mubarak a lecture on democracy [VIDEO]


You can shut down the Internet in Egypt, Mr. Mubarak. You can threaten to cut off mobile phone communication. But you can’t silence the people — especially little Juju.

In a video that has gone viral and served as a counterpoint to the endless images of protest in the streets of Cairo, an precocious 8-year-old Saudi schools Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s longtime leader, who faces civil unrest and relentless calls for his resignation.

Juju tells Mubarak he should “let the people of Egypt vote” or “they’re going to just make problems for you.” And then, in a wonderful postscript, she leans toward the camera and says conspiratorially: “Some of your police officers removed their jackets and they’re joining the people.”

Was she coached? Does it matter, really? Seriously, if half of our 8-year-olds were this whip-sharp, we could retire when they’re 18, knowing the world is in good hands.

Juju’s message to Mubarak

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