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500 interstate electricians to help in Queensland flood recovery


Over 500 interstate electricians have joined NECA in an effort to inspect and reinstate the electrical grid in Queensland.

The National Electric and Communications Association (NECA) has said in a media release that the reaction from several interstate electrical contractors to the Queensland flooding disaster has been truly amazing.

According to Mr James Tinslay, NECA chief executive officer, over 250 electrical businesses with an excess of 500 electricians have joined hands with NECA in order to help with the inspection process that is required to start reconnecting homes and businesses to the electrical grid.

“NECA has over 5,000 members in Australia and I’m overwhelmed that so many electrical contractors have expressed an interest in travelling to Queensland to help with the inspection process,” Mr Tinslay said.

In Queensland, more than 30,000 homes and businesses have suffered the effects of the flooding and the Queensland government has already stated that electricity won’t be reconnected to flooded buildings and houses until they are inspected by a licensed electrical contractor.

“A safety first approach at this time is the correct approach,” said Mr Tinslay. This means that 30,000 electrical inspections must be done before these homes and businesses can be reconnected but interstate electrical contractors lack the Queensland state licensing and regulations prevents them to work in the state.

“NECA has begun discussions with the Queensland government to establish a regime that would temporarily suspend the requirement for electrical contractors to have a specific Queensland license so interstate workers can begin the recovery work as soon as it is practical,” stated Mr Tinslay.

Image by David Jackmanson.