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Australia's carbon tax is weeks away. Two in five SMEs are still in the...

Software provider MYOB has released several recent findings on SME dissatisfaction with the Government, but here's one that has particular resonance. Nearly half of all Australian small-to-medium business operators say they don't understand the full implications of the government's new carbon tax on their business. Of the 1,043 SMEs surveyed, 42% admitted that they did not understand the significance of the carbon tax well enough. Overall, 54% of respondents claimed they did understand the implications (17% 'very well' and 37% 'quite well'), while the remaining 4% didn't know.

Gen Y beating boomers in the revenue stakes, MYOB Business Monitor reveals

Gen Yers may be the only group within Australia’s small-to-medium operators to take heart from the latest MYOD Business Monitor. Despite an eye-watering eight-year low amongst SMEs’ economic confidence, Gen Y business operators were most likely to see positive revenue results over the last year.

Near-record SME dissatisfaction with government, according to MYOB report

If the latest MYOB Business Monitor is anything to go by, the Federal Government shouldn’t be basking in the warm glow of a job well done post-Federal Budget. Before state governments go getting their smug on, the MYOB report showed SMEs perceived their performance in an equally dismal light.

The number of Australian businesses online grows with Western Australia leading the way

According to MYOB, the number of Australian businesses online grew since last November, with Western Australia named as the state with the greater percentage of businesses with a website. Leading the way for social media use are Victorian businesses. The report also found that more businesses with a website had an increase in revenue (32%) than those without (22%).

Australia’s “forgotten” SMEs aren’t feeling the love for PM Gillard

There are few fully paid up members of the ‘We Heart Gillard’ fan club among Australia’s small-to-medium enterprises, according to the April MYOB Business Monitor special report, which has found that a mere 23% would vote for the Prime Minister and her peeps if an election was held in the near future.

Google and MYOB join forces to give 50,000 SMEs a free website

Google and MYOB joined forces and launched the 'Getting Aussie Business Online'. The partners plan to provide 50,000 Australian small businesses with one year of basic web site hosting using MYOB's Atlas web builder, two years of .com.au domain registration and $75 worth of Google AdWords at no charge.

Report shows that 65% of Australian businesses don’t have a website [and are falling...

MYOB Business Monitor latest research reveals that 65% of Australia businesses don't have a website, while more and more Australians are buying online. This means that Australian businesses risk losing a big share of the market to global competitors like Amazon.

Australian businesses express guarded optimism

Australian business are upbeat about the future -- or, at the least, they are putting on a brave face. The latest MYOB Business Monitor reveals that 74% of businesses reported revenue levels the same as a year ago, or higher.
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