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The Evolution of Business Movies, Part 5: Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire delved behind the scenes and looked at the business side of sports. Tom Cruise starred as the title character, a sports agent whose radical idea of taking on less clients, asking for less money and focusing on developing relationships with the clientele, has him fired from his prestigious position in one of the premiere sports firms in the country.

Michael Baker, 2011 Anthill 30under30 Honourable Mention

Franchise owner Michael Baker is proud to have a business "first" to his name: he's the owner of the first individual GNC LiveWell franchise in Australia -- and the first to be granted by the sport nutrition giant outside of America. Baker, 28, acquired the GNC store in the Sydney suburb of Rockdale in 2009. Today he owns three franchises in all, among the most successful of the 40 GNC locations across the country.

The Commonwealth Games brand is ailing. Could Delhi’s struggles actually revive it?

Without the dramas over unstable structures and unsanitary accommodation, let’s be honest: who would really give a stuff about a tournament that’s perceived to be as marginal and obsolete as Britain’s decaying Commonwealth itself? Could Delhi be an unlikely saviour for the Commonwealth Games?

Remarkable mashup video pits pro athletes against average man in 40 yard dash

How would the average man fair in a 40-yard foot race against professional NFL players? This remarkable multi-layered video reveals the startling reality.

Cruising down a mountain road on a longboard — awesome!

'Let Go' is a five minute video of longboard rider Kyle Chin as he cruises luge-like down winding roads and round 360 degree bends at speeds you'd be wary of doing in a car. Beautifully shot, blissful to watch and a very relaxing way to head into Friday's beer o'clock.

Thierry Henry is a handball cheat: the viral flash game

Any time the world witnesses a cultural event such as Thierry Henry using his hand to put the French football side into the World Cup finals, it's never long before someone creates a flash game based on it. Check out the "Thierry Henry: France Quality with the Hands!" game (translation from French). The question is: How many people are still playing the game after they stop laughing?

Design unveiled for spectacular eco-friendly Chinese sports stadium

Sports stadiums have typically been Colosseum-type structures, designed to leave an imposing mark on the landscape. However, as reported in the excellent sustainable design blog Inhabitat, Los Angeles-based NBBJ Architects have turned the stadium concept on its head with this proposed design for China's new Dalian Shide Stadium.

What I have learnt (the hard way) – John Eales

John Eales has applied the lessons he learnt in the scrums to a life in business. Here, Eales shares what he has learnt (the hard way).
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New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

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