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Why I’m doing an internship for a 12 year old entrepreneur

In late 2011, Oliver hatched a plan to hold a unique fundraising event. Having found out about the amazing support a friend received while undergoing...

Boyd Whalan, 2012 Social Entrepreneur (Anthill 30under30)

When one in three people in the world have no access to clean energy, practical solutions call for inventive thinking. To that end, Boyd Whalan is demonstrating that solutions are possible. After volunteering in Ghana and studying business at uni, Whalan founded Hessex Solutions to make solar energy easier to purchase.

Amanda Ryan, 2012 Social Entrepreneur (Anthill 30under30)

The first thing you associate with Bangladesh's capital, Dhaka, probably isn't fashion. Then again, nor would you have founded Bachhara, as Amanda Ryan did, as a tool for empowering women and their indigent communities. Her original idea, in 2008, was to organise a sewing centre to raise funds for the school where she was volunteering. Although Ryan had no business experience, she had plenty of willpower, optimism and pure spunk to bring her idea to fruition.

Monica Kade, 2012 Social Entrepreneur (Anthill 30under30)

Monica Kade is a journeyer. After her career took her to New York and back, she chose to dedicate herself to the physical, mental and spiritual health of young women. Through her online journeys and speaking tours, she helps girls to cast off the false and damaging attitudes about body image and self-worth that can lead to depression, suicidal thoughts and eating disorders (which she herself overcame).

David Dixon, 2012 Social Entrepreneur (Anthill 30under30)

David Dixon's journey started with one girl, an orphan in Uganda who was unable to pay her school fees. As Dixon helped her pursue her education, he learned just how much odds are stacked against young women and girls in sub-Saharan Africa. It's common for girls to miss school during their periods, and facing sexual assault is more common than graduating. Many don't attend school at all. Dixon is fighting the odds and making education achievable...One Girl at a time.

Chantelle Baxter, 2011 Anthill 30under30 Winner

The fundraiser is called Do It in a Dress, and it's aimed at women AND men. The benefactors are women and girls in the west African nation of Sierra Leone. And the conduit is an Australian non-profit called One Girl, co-founded and driven by a powerhouse of social consciousness named Chantelle Baxter.

Tania de Jong talks about how her grandmother patented the foldable umbrella (then lost...

Two remarkable things happened at the launch of Creative Innovation 2010. Firstly, a senior representative from a leading Australian bank told an endearing story about her early successes outside the banking sector. (It's a rare thing to be won over by a representative from the Australian banking sector.) Secondly, conference organiser Tania de Jong, surprised the crowd with a story about her grandmother's inventiveness... before bursting into song.
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