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Applications open for $83m Federal Investment Follow-On Fund

The Federal Government's $83 million Innovation Investment Follow-On Fund (IIFF) opened for applications last Friday.

Thinking INSIDE the box

Activities to foster innovation often focus on the sexy-subject of product innovation (including Anthill's SMART 100). According to Peter Bryant, innovation strategist and Senior Fellow of the Kellog Innovation Network, Australian businesses might be better off looking inward and using innovation as a tool to enhance operational efficiencies. It's time to think inside the box!

Grant funding: the winners and losers from Federal Budget ’09

Today, our Government Grants specialist, Adrian Spencer, considers the post-Budget winners and losers. Looking for a Government Grant? Here's your cheat sheet.

I see REDD, I see REDD, I see REDD

Okay, this is, for some people, going to be an uncomfortable column to read as I am going to seriously challenge what for many seems like an obvious 'conventional wisdom'. In many cases it is better for the planet if you offset your carbon emissions than if you reduce them via your own in-house efficiencies. The woman with the fully carbon offset Hummer is probably a better friend to the planet than the man in his non-offset Prius.

Stimulus goes viral

Stimulus is in the air, and not just in the form of optimistic government handouts.

Do exporters make better bosses?

At a time of global economic uncertainty, the issue of trade and employment is becoming the focus of public debate - particularly with news of large scale redundancies in the media. If this trend continues, there is the risk of increased calls for protectionism here in Australia (as has already occurred in the USA). This is a concern because we all know what has happened in the past when the world has returned to protectionism - mass unemployment, inequality and conflict extending well beyond the trade sphere.

Newcastle wins $20 million Clean Energy Innovation Centre

The Federal Government yesterday announced that a new $20 million Clean Energy Innovation Centre (CEIC) will be headquartered in Newcastle.

Swan urges businesses denied credit to come forward

Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan has warned the big four banks that they have an obligation to extend credit to viable Australian businesses.

The national innovation review – what next?

We’ve all had time to chew on the Federal Government’s innovation review findings. What will it mean in real terms? For John Kapeleris, the...

Barack and the new US

Earlier this year, one of my favourite US business magazines, Fast Company, made the following observation: Win or lose, Barack's rise reveals a new reality...

Have we upset you lately?

Why do people keep asking me to be reasonable? It was George Bernard Shaw who gave us the maxim, ‘The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.’ As you know, we like to question common assumptions at Anthill, fight conventional wisdom, rally together to combat commercial stupidity.

What I have learnt (the hard way): Christopher Witt

Chicago-bred Christopher Witt spends plenty of time on faculty at the University of New South Wales, but he's quick to point out that he's no academic. Having spent his early career at big corporations such as AT&T, Telstra and Motorola, Witt is now doing his bit to help bridge the commercialisation gap as Director of the Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the Australian School of Business. He also puts his wisdom to good use at his investment practice, The Kalori Group.

Too many ‘Qs’, not enough ‘007s’

I was part of an 'intimate' and 'confidential' dinner with Innovation Minister Kim Carr last Wednesday night. The topic was innovation (of course). And it...

Too many 'Qs', not enough '007s'

I was part of an 'intimate' and 'confidential' dinner with Innovation Minister Kim Carr last Wednesday night. The topic was innovation (of course). And it...

Anthill Activism Part #2: Commercial Ready scrapped

Rumours of my spinal injury have been greatly exaggerated. Well…. Not really. When you see the words ‘potential impotence’ among the risks of surgery, you know...
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