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Stuck in the mud? Is a lack of company culture hurting your business? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Marketing budgets are always growing - this we know. But it's always intriguing to find out where the money is heading, what the challenges are, and what's working to gain ROI for a wide range of businesses. Responsys has just rolled out new findings that show how marketers are planning to direct their funds and their efforts for the remainder of this year. One of the more interesting challenges, according to the survey is company culture. As increased emphasis is placed on digital, it's no secret that brands are wrestling with it.

How to work with a $0 marketing budget

You know your idea is a winner and it won’t take much effort to get it off the ground, but you're not in a position to throw money at it at the moment. What are you going to do with a zero dollar marketing budget? Use your brain and get creative.
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