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Queensland doubles down on Net-Zero with Low Carbon Accelerator

The Queensland government has doubled down on its activities to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 with the launch of a Low Carbon...

Are you a green entrepreneur in Queensland? The largest climate change business ideas competition...

Climate-KIC Australia recently launched the Australian 2019 edition of the world’s largest global Green Business Ideas Competition,ClimateLaunchpad, hosted in Brisbane by Australia's...

Can the humble T-shirt help save our planet? Well, this one right here just...

Kusaga Athletic will use Kickstarter to launch The Greenest T-shirt on the Planet, made from a new 100% plant-based fabric that is compostable and biodegradable

New Carbon Offset website aims to put lifestyle choices in perspective

Yonderr, the website launched by CO2 Australia, allows individuals and businesses to purchase carbon offset packages based on character profiles that most closely correspond to their lifestyles. Visitors can select among eight different individual and business profiles or perform some basic customisation to estimate the size of their footprint. Packages range from as little as $54 a year for an individual (the vegetarian hippy with a dog, but no car) to $336 a year for a family of four.

Social media: Why won’t scientists engage? Fear of sock puppets?

Scientists are used to coping with complexity, but when what they publicly talk about is subject to polarisation along political lines, debate can get very messy. In April, a group of science communicators gathered in Brisbane to talk about the dangers and opportunities inherent in the use of social media. As Matthew da Silva reports, many of them are still learning the ropes of productive online communication.

Shareholders want environmental sustainability, but are the Boards listening?

Over one hundred climate and energy-focused shareholder proposals have been put before shareholders of 88 U.S. and Canadian companies in 2010. Interestingly, this phenomenon has yet to rise to the top of shareholder concerns in Australia. 2011 would be a good year to change this.

Talking nuclear energy with Ziggy Switkowski, RMIT’s new Chancellor

This week’s Talking Business guest is the distinguished businessman and nuclear physicist, Dr. Ziggy Switkowski. He talks with Leon and Garry about his agenda as the incoming Chancellor of RMIT University, and explains why, in light of climate change, nuclear power is the most reliable energy source for Australia’s future.

$43 million earth sciences collaboration gets under Australia’s skin

The government has pumped $43 million into an initiative designed to really get under our skin -- from a geological standpoint. The money is going into AuScope, a nonprofit company designed to help governments, universities, and research and science agencies collaborate in their efforts to better understand Australia's natural resources.

Risk analysis applied to climate change [VIDEO]

At Anthill, we often write about future-proofing as one of those 'essentials' of business. In this video, Greg Craven talks about risk. But his agenda is far greater than merely improving a company's bottom line. Rather, he tackles a debate with potentially far greater consequences.

Fear and hope at Copenhagen – a Gen Y perspective

On Monday we published Dave Sag’s first post from Copenhagen. Today we received this diary entry from 26-year-old Australian Wendy Miller, who is attending the Copenhagen COP15 climate change summit as a member of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition.

All atwitter at Copenhagen

Dave Sag is in Copenhagen this week covering the COP15 climate change summit for Anthill. This is his first post in the series.

Climate change export opportunities for Australia

Climate change is already remaking the global economy. The changes that Australia has to make in order to become a responsible and competitive player in this greener global marketplace are comparable to the liberal economic reforms made in the 1980s, says Austrade’s chief economist, Tim Harcourt.

Climate change opportunity

We regularly hear of the “climate change challenge”. Indeed it is. But it also presents an opportunity. With the policy objective of reducing emissions, the...
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New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...