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Smart 100 honouree Hung Nguyen a finalist for NSW Australian of the Year

Inventor and educator Hung Nguyen, one of this year's Anthill Smart 100 honorees, is a finalist for New South Wales Australian of the Year 2012. Nguyen, a dean at the University of Technology, invented Aviator, a technology that allows a wheelchair to be piloted by the user's brain waves.

Powering wheelchairs with brain waves earns third spot in Anthill SMART 100

At the University of Technology, Sydney, Professor Hung Nguyen and his research team are developing a system operates a wheelchair with nothing but brain waves. The tech can be revolutionary for people with severe disabilities. It earned position No. 3 in this year's Anthill SMART 100.

Aviator (SMART 100)

Aviator is a venture spun out of the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia. Leveraging UTS’ proprietary software around thought classification for controlling electronic devices, the venture is developing a wheelchair control solution to respond to the needs of the severely disabled and paralysed.

Does this company deserve $100k in seed funding? Heck, yeah!

Australia's richest business plan competition, offering $100,000 for one savvy Australian business, reached its conclusion at the Queensland State Library in Brisbane last Wednesday night. Does this company deserve $100k in seed funding? Heck, yeah! Now watch the clip.

Seven Australian entrepreneurs vie for Enterprize 2010

An on-the-go device that measures several body functions at once and a technology that turns laptops and mobile phones into e-book readers are among the seven innovative ventures named finalists in Enterprize 2010, the University of Queensland's $100,000 business planning competition.
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