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3 simple steps to getting a meeting with just about any CEO [VIDEO]

We've already brought you the chestnut of wisdom that is the Gaddie Pitch. Now, here are the three simple steps to securing a meeting with just about anyone you want to do business with. We know it works because, well, Antony Gaddie used it to get a meeting with our very own Mr James Tuckerman.

Online1984 (SMART 100)

We were looking for solutions to our clients’ needs for social media monitoring and analysis. We found many technical solutions that provided data but could not allow for human sarcasm, vernacular, industry jargon, spelling errors, abbreviations, etc., and so provided inaccurate or irrelevant analysis. If someone tweets “I’d kill for a Cadbury chocolate” it would be scored as a negative when in fact it is a positive. We realised that to provide a genuine understanding of how a brand, product, or person was being positioned online we had to have a human being evaluate, analyse, and score every feed individually.
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