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HTML wizard at Vooza

It’s so hard to find good technical talent these days. [VIDEO]

Is a HTML wizard really who you want as a part of your tech team? How about a Javascript ninja or Ruby On Rails rockstar?

HP joins that cloud thing that everyone is talking about [VIDEO]

I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to having 5G, in fact all the Gs, available on the cloud. The team at The Onion have woven their comedic magic and taken aim at HP, the cloud, Gs and CD-ROMs. The cloud must be getting pretty darn full. I mean, every second person you talk to is building something on the cloud, putting something on the cloud or building their own private cloud, which is very Rolling Stones, if you think about it.

Will this cheeky ad shake loose the equal pay that women deserve? [VIDEO]

We recently we shared with you an ad in which women put on goofy mustaches with the hopes of getting pay that's equal to men -- a disparity that's a big problem in Australia. And now a new video has surfaced with the same message. But it's, um, cheekier.

A tribute to The New Dork: Entrepreneur State of Mind (Jay-Z ft Alicia Keys...

This spoof of "Empire State of Mind" by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys has been climbing up the viral charts. Produced by Pantless Knights, it's a tribute to The New Dork ruling the roost in today's tech world. It's catchy, and you can even download the free MP3.

Google spokesman lays cards on the table for Buzz critics [satirical video]

Come on, face it. Google controls your life. Oh, you don't like how they launched Buzz? Well here's the "official" Google response, courtesy of comedy.com. Step down.

TV news reporting by the book (spoof)

The format for composing TV news reports contains less than meets the eye. Much less, as English satirist Charlie Brook reveals in this searing exposé.

Truth in advertising, and other delusions

There's an old saying that goes: There are two things in this world that you would never consume if you saw how they were really made: laws and sausages. Perhaps marketing campaigns should be added to that list, if this bitingly satirical clip is anywhere near the truth.

Introducing… the Enlightened Stupid Marketer

You know this guy. You meet him every day. He writes IOUs with your ROI. And he's all over Twitter.

Wilkins and 9 get Colbert treatment for on-air Goldblum eulogy

Richard Wilkins' unfortunate on-air eulogy for the very much alive actor Jeff Goldblum on the morning of Michael Jackson's death has managed to earn Wilkins the magnitude of celebrity that has hitherto eluded him. And what better way to illustrate this than the hilarious slapdown Wilkins and Channel 9 received at the hands of the brilliant satirist Stephen Colbert, and Goldblum himself.

Do you suffer from Information Overload Syndrome?

If so, you could soon suffer the fate of little Billy.

The New York Times gets a Daily Show dacking

For all the sober analysis and prognostication being offered about the troubles facing the newspaper industry, often the most revealing truths surface through satire....

Eminem 'tea-bagging' (How a publicity stunt can really 'hit the spot')

On Monday night, I watched one of my favourite satirists (and the creator of everyone's favourite fictional Kazakstani character Borat), Sacha Baron Cohen, turn...

Eminem ‘tea-bagging’ (How a publicity stunt can really ‘hit the spot’)

On Monday night, I watched one of my favourite satirists (and the creator of everyone's favourite fictional Kazakstani character Borat), Sacha Baron Cohen, turn...

Taking tweets to the streets

How do the average mainstream tweets sound when spoken out loud on New York City streets?

Apple dispenses with Macbook keyboard

A recent ONN story broke news that Apple was replacing keyboards on its popular Macbook range a big iPod-like scroll wheel. (video embedded below).
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