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Visual search start-up See-Out raises funds from Scale Angels, QUT’s Creative Enterprise

See-Out is developing Ceeq, a visual search product that it believes will mark a fundamental shift in protection of trademarks and brands in the modern electronic era. Its early product is a web-based visual search engine that can scan over 18 million trademark searches and examinations.

NICTA gets an additional $42 million grant for 2015-16

Minister Assisting for the Digital Economy, Senator Kate Lundy, announced the additional funding during a visit to NICTA’s headquarters in Sydney earlier this month.

Saluda finds $5 million more in quest for magic pain-killer

Pain, what pain? Now, that is the goal of Saluda Medical. The NICTA startup is developing an implant the size of a match-head that could...

CSIRO’s Centre for Broadband Innovation heralds appy, appy smart home!

The wired home is no longer the realm of dreams. But neither is it totally real. It has simply taken too long to come, and has still come to too few homes, seemingly beyond the reach of most. All that may be about to quickly change, according to CSIRO’s Australian Centre for Broadband Innovation. In fact, the future looks ‘appy’ for Aussie broadband-connected homes, according to the nation’s premier research group.

NICTA breakthrough a big leap forward for computer animation (even if they can't teach...

Computers are not great at getting animated characters from one point to another. For long, this has posed a sticky problem for scientists and game developers. Consequently, on-screen personas are jumpy, awkward and plain inefficient — though these probably add a comic element to animated shows, in games the lapse can be critical to users, and certainly strain the resources of a computer.

NICTA’s Scalify gets a $2 million jump in bid to juice up the gaming...

Outside gaming, NICTA’s technology can be used to improve the delivery of gaming and virtual environments that are increasingly being used for online learning and training. It also can be used for telemedicine programs that involve exchanging large datasets and for bandwidth-intensive data like3D scans and x-rays.

HaystackHQ’s revolutionary patent search model a formidable contender at Enterprize finals

The stealth startup, with the promise of making patent searches easier, better and more affordable, has been named among the five finalists of the University of Queensland Business School’s $100,000 Enterprize competition. “We're at an early stage of development. We have working prototypes, but do not yet have a publicly available working solution – although we hope to change that in the near future,” HaystackHQ told Anthill.

Revolutionary GiFi technology to receive $1.4M from Commercialisation Australia

Senator Kim Carr, Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, has announced that NICTA will receive $1.42 million to fund GiFi, a high-speed gigabit wireless transmission technology. These funds will be granted to Nitero, a company created by NICTA researchers, which will further develop GiFi and put in the market.

NICTA spin-off Audinate secures $4 million funding

Digital media networking solutions company Audinate (a NICTA spin-out company since 2006) has secured an additional $4 million funding round, which was led by its existing investors Starfish Ventures and Innovation Capital.



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New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...