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Six common marketing mistakes that business make, time and time again!

These are the top six marketing mistakes that business owners make, in my opinion. 1. There is no marketing plan Do you have a plan for...

You don’t have to be a designer to think creatively

By enhancing your creative thinking you can benefit many different areas of your business and even your life. These range from marketing strategy to business development, improving your problem-solving skills and exploring new markets.

Do you know your competitors as well as you know yourself?

How well do you really know your competitors? No doubt, you are probably aware of your main business rivals but do you have some level of intelligence at your fingertips? How much do you know about what they do, what your customers think about them and how your business matches up? Understanding your competition can give you a new perspective on your own business and is an important step when planning your marketing strategy.

Strategic insights – were they behind the couch the whole time?

Most successful business owners are on the hunt for strategic insights or what I call ‘light bulb moments’ - revelations that allow a business to take its next big step.

Using Pinterest to engage your audience

Although Pinterest is a relatively new form of social media, it’s rapidly gaining ground. The [other] social network can be used to great effect as a way to engage your brand’s audience. Where Twitter is all about words, with Pinterest piccies matter.

Measuring social media? It’s a numbers game alright, but there's more to it

Social media marketing can encompass a variety of different channels. But, deep down, it is all about conversations and interaction between your business and those online.

Five marketing activities you should quit doing immediately

Are you sitting at your computer wondering where your marketing dollars went? You’re not alone. Many business owners start marketing plans with grand ambitions, then quickly lose track of what’s been spent where, with what, if any, return.

Beware of the Fake Marketer

Imagine if someone with zilch professional experience and zero qualifications operated a business in your area of expertise claiming they were an industry expert. Better still, you meet them at a function and they have no shame in telling you who they are and what they do. Are you seething at just the thought of it? I am!
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Five ways to manage your time by managing yourself, with Helen...

Finding the time to tackle everything is one of the greatest challenges faced by business owners. To help time-starved business owners work smarter and not harder, we spoke with Helen Ebdon. The director of Affirming Business and Executive Coaching, she’s a serial entrepreneur who started her first business at age 25. She’s built and run direct marketing and communications businesses and she’s also the creator of the Take 15 Program for business effectiveness.



New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...