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    Victorian Technology Profiles Dec 07/Jan 08

    Auditing company procedures can be an onerous task, but when those procedures involve the health and safety of your employees and the environment, compliance is crucial.
    aa25-dec-jan-2007-08-profileMelbourne-based company iComply offers a flexible auditing software solution to streamline the audit process, using mobile communications to collect data in the field in real time. iComply Director Tony Stephenson says the iAppraise software allows compliance managers to take a people-based approach, ensuring that the policies and procedures are actually working at the coal-face.”
    “We look at the human process to see whether people are doing the right thing and we include process re-engineering as part of that approach,” he says.
    The iAppraise software can be used in a range of industries, including retail, financial services, transport and logistics, mining and resources. Stephenson is planning to exhibit the technology at the Environ08 conference and exhibition in May, demonstrating how regular audits and inspections allow companies to better manage their environmental processes.
    “For example, in the transport industry, we set targets and monitor carbon emissions. In industries using hazardous materials, we help manage safety procedures,” says Stephenson.
    Effectively managing hazardous environments means identifying risks and putting systems into place to mitigate those risks. Policies and procedures support the management of those environments, such as health checks for employees and dangerous goods handling.
    “Auditing is an essential part of that system because management never knows if it’s being done properly unless they check.”
    The award winning iAppraise software enables any type of audit inspection, or performance assessment activity to be set up and conducted via the web. Using mobile components on PDAs or smartphones and remote synchronisation over 3G mobile communications networks, iAppraise allows auditors to collect data on location for immediate update on the applications main server.
    With international contracts already in place, iComply is seeking to further develop worldwide distributor networks.
    Cleaning gutters is one household job to be ignored at your peril. Blocked gutters lead to a build up of leaves and debris, creating a fire hazard and threatening water damage.
    aa25-dec-jan-2007-08-profile2Living in an especially leafy area of Melbourne, Jock MacNeish was all too aware of the problem, so he designed a gutter that he could manually tip to empty the debris. With business partner Liam Rossney, he decided to take the idea further by fully automating the emptying process. The result: No Sweat Gutters.
    “It’s operated by a solar panel, it doesn’t cost anything to run and you can program it to tip at regular intervals, once a day, once a week – whatever you like. If any leaves stick to the bottom, it can stay down all day while the leaves dry and fall out,” says Rossney.
    It takes around five minutes to empty the gutters on an entire house and there’s an extra bonus for those harvesting rain water.
    “There is a water sensor mounted on the roof by the solar panel. When it rains, the gutters automatically tip down so they’re clean. They stay down for three to four minutes while the roof is washed off, then they come back up and collect cleaner water,” says Rossney.
    For homes in areas of high fire danger, the system can be activated remotely by SMS in case nearby fires threaten to drop embers in clogged gutters.
    NoSweat Gutters is negotiating with an international company for Australia-wide distribution of their product, with the rest of the world set to follow.
    “We’re getting calls from America, Japan, Europe and the UK, but we want to get the business model absolutely right here first.”
    ENVIRO2008 – 5-7 May, 2008
    The Australian Technology Showcase (ATS) will be participating in this exhibition and conference highlighting Australian-owned innovative environmental technologies.
    The ATS is seeking new technologies in the environment/climate change industries that can be added to the ATS membership for promotion at this event. If you have, or know of, a technology that would meet the membership criteria of the ATS for this purpose, please check the contact details of the ATS in your State by visiting the website at

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