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LayAway Travel launches to turn Australians’ spare change into holiday adventures


Globetrotting to dream destinations could finally become a reality today for more Australians, as LayAway Travel, the first online travel layby specialist, has launched to make travel accessible to everyone, whatever the budget.

Get your passport at the ready, as that family holiday to Disneyland, exotic trip to Fiji, and luxury cruise can now be booked, as LayAway Travel is the only layby travel specialist in Australia to offer hundreds of pre-packaged or design your own holidays which can be booked up to 24 months in advance, with no deposit, interest or fees.

Established by leading travel professionals who wanted to challenge the traditional method of booking and paying for travel, LayAway Travel allows you to layby your holiday instead of paying for your trip upfront all in one go. The concept has proved incredibly popular and is now helping many thousands of families, individuals and groups manage their budgets.

Give yourself and loved ones that vacation you deserve by simply visiting layawaytravel.com.au and prepare to kick back and relax, with this simple and easy to use service. Start by choosing from top pre-packaged destinations from as little as $2.01 to Fiji, $1.73 to Thailand and $2.95 to the USA, per person, per day to stay at 3 to 5 star hotels.

Ideal for families, group travel, or anyone who has aspirations to see the world, you can choose the instalment plan to suit your budget, which can be paid off weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Make your first instalment straightaway or within 31 days of booking, then your final payment two months before your trip. Finally get your bags packed ready to jet off to your dream destination, with your holiday all paid off.

Helping to get you organised, the service also allows you to layby spending money, and holiday excursions including tickets to world famous theme parks like Disneyland and on the Gold Coast.

Who is behind LayAway Travel?

The founder is Andrew Paykel, from Fisher & Paykel Appliances, who after 20 years decided to start-up his own venture.

“After working at Fisher & Paykel for 20 years, I was ready for a new challenge and a start-up to call my own. I looked for an online business in an aspirational market that offered a unique and disruptive approach to business. I needed to find a competitive advantage and most importantly be highly customer focused. Travel is an emotive purchase and large household expense for most households,” he said.

“So I started LayAway Travel to ensure that every Australian could afford that much needed gateway whilst not impacting heavily on the weekly household budget. Now everyone can travel the world without turning to credit cards and getting back to debt-lag.

Andrew Paykel, LayAway Travel’s Managing Director comments: “We are thrilled to launch LayAway Travel Australia to change the travel habits of Australians by giving everyone the chance to see the world. With the rising cost of living, it’s not easy for families to get a lump sum together to book a holiday in advance without reaching for the credit card, and we all deserve a break.”