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Future Capital founder Domenic Carosa talks about investing in internet ‘upstarts’ [VIDEO]


At the still-tender age of 35, Domenic Carosa is an old hand at the wild and woolly world of online entrepreneurship.

More than a decade ago, he co-founded Destra, a groundbreaking media and entertainment company. It listed on the Australian Stock Exchange when he was just 25. One week after Destra’s prospectus cleared, the worldwide dot.com crash struck. Carosa successfully steered his company through the roiling waters that followed.

In 2008, Carosa and Destra were rocked by the collapse of Opes Prime, a broking firm that managed millions of shares of Destra stock. Carosa lost a controlling stake in the company and parted ways with Destra that same year.

Carosa got right back into the game with Dominet, a digital investment and consulting firm.

He then kicked his interests in venture capitalism up a notch with the co-founding of the Future Capital Development Fund. The fund has already invested in eight internet minnows that Carosa likes to call upstarts, as compared to startups. The difference: The former has been around for 12-plus months, developed some revenue and clients, and revved up its business model; the latter isn’t far removed from an idea on paper.

In an interview with Antill Editor-in-Chief James Tuckerman, Carosa expands on what he looks for in an upstart company, how he sizes up the people behind a would-be piece of Future Capital’s portfolio, and how Future Capital maps out the eventual sale of an acquisition.

Oh, and keep an eye out for a Special Guest Appearance at 5:23. Woof.

Anthill interviews Domenic Carosa