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Destination America: Local start-up RecruitLoop raises $500,000 for expansion

Australian start-up RecruitLoop recently closed a $500,000 seed round, all part of their efforts to stake their banner firmly in the sands of the...

Anthill’s 30under30 for 2013 revealed

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Anthill reader wants us to trial her product. Should we?

I'm often the recipient of emails and phone calls from readers asking whether we can help promote a new product or service. It's all part and parcel of the job. But it creates a dilemma. Who do I help and who do I dismiss? (Because we obviously can't help everyone.)

How to put together the great pitch that you need to land your dream...

Presentation skills are among the most important assets in a consultant’s communication toolkit, whether it’s pitching for new business, brainstorming ideas with a client or reviewing project results.

GoodBarry's Bardia Housman shares his tips after selling to Adobe

Bardia Housman is an Australian entrepreneur who recently completed his second successful exit, selling Business Catalyst (makers of e-commerce software suite GoodBarry) to Adobe Systems. Australian specialist recruitment and M&A outfit MitchellLake captured this candid interview at the South Food+Wine Bar in San Francisco last month.

Cloudsafe365 hitches its bandwagon to popular Amazon Web Services Marketplace

Cloudsafe365, a simple-to-use WordPress plugin that provides real-time backs and defence from malware, hacking and content theft, found a way to reduce development costs by 50%. In to the bargain, its product roadmap is being delivered faster than expected. But how, I hear you ask!

Editors’ Choice: Lachlan Blackhall, 2012 Anthill 30under30 Honourable Mention

A seasoned academic and scientist, 28-year-old Lachlan Blackhall is also the linchpin of the startup business community in the ACT. And he has the CV to show for it. His current project, 17Dynamics, is a boutique consultancy firm providing growth and innovation solutions for institutions in government, education, technology, energy and engineering.

Kym Huynh, 2011 Anthill 30under30 Honourable Mention

Kym Huynh believes firmly in the idea of the Renaissance Man. He's a lawyer and a professional singer. He hosts three podcasts and manages several more. He's also behind a chain of humourous photo blogs. Of course, that's when he isn't promoting his startup ventures. For all of his accomplishments, he's taken to knocking himself: "I lead goofily and still appear to be legit."

Research reveals that most small businesses still don’t understand the $20k tax break

New research has revealed that 78% of Australia’s small business owners (SBOs) don’t fully understand the $20K tax break, with 67% of them not making the most of the opportunity in the lead up to June 30.

Meet TLC for Kids, Anthill 2012 Cool Company Award Finalist [Social Capitalist Category]

Every day, thousands of children in Australian hospitals undergo scary procedures. TLC for Kids acts as a relief agency to give these kids immediate attention. Distraction, to them, is a noble goal.

When the contest is between selling out and risking death

It takes a lot of guts for an entrepreneur to turn down an offer from a US venture capital investor, particularly when the alternative means staying put when you have just two months cash left. Brad Howarth follows the plight of innovative start-ups down the road to commercialisation.

This fintech innovation hub has partnered with the South Australian government to expand into...

Asia’s largest fintech innovation hub, Stone & Chalk, is partnering with the South Australian Government to establish a start-up hub at...

Medical Research Discoveries: Taking Health into the Next Century

Innovation Series Sydney Luncheon:   4 June 2009 'Medical Research Discoveries: Taking Health into the Next Century' When: 4th June 2009 Where: Sydney (Sofitel Wentworth Hotel) The...

How to improve the conversion of your website [PODCAST]

Marketing podcast, PreneurCast, is for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. Each week, author and marketer Pete Williams and digital media producer Dom Goucher discuss entrepreneurship, business,...

Why every business needs to have an advisor

Seventy per cent of small businesses that receive mentoring survive for five years or more, which is more then double the rate compared with...

Will Australian retailers get serious online any time soon?

The apathy toward online retailing by Australia’s incumbent ‘bricks and mortar’ retailers has allowed some notable upstarts to gain a foothold in the digital shopping space. Kim Wingerei examines opportunities lost and seized.

Proptech startup Property HQ is out to shake up commercial real estate search in...

Proptech startup Property HQ launched its new branding and a beta launch of its website this week with a renewed desire to disrupt and shake up the “status-quo.”

Your clients are morons

I was reading someone’s blog the other day and they were talking about determining what information products are best for your clients… and therein I read the offending sentence: “The best way to find out is to ask them.” What a load of crap.

The next evolution of the cloud will see businesses say goodbye to their servers

The main benefit of a private cloud is the provision of shared IT resources across multiple applications and/or locations, which contribute directly to increased productivity and bottom line cost benefits.

Tasmanian innovator Travellr raises growth capital from World Nomad Group

Later in the evening, perhaps after a second or third round of cocktails (all the pubs were closed), Cummings shared his views that raising capital is a time consuming process and that, in particular, he would be seeking a strategic partner. That's why I was particularly pleased to receive news yesterday that has secured growth capital from none other than the travel insurance and travel services company The Worlds Normad Group.


Five things to get right before you quit your day job,...

Are you wondering if you are ready to quit your day job to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams? You, like many other aspiring entrepreneurs, may feel stuck and unable to take the plunge into the startup lifestyle. Dan Mumby is here to make sure you know the five key things to get right before you quit your day job in this FREE CHEAT SHEET.


5 Ways to get more out of your coffee shop meetings...

Far too much time is wasted in coffee shop meetings. More often than not, the conversation falls off topic, interruptions cause distractions and, before you know it, the meeting is over and you’ve achieved nothing. That’s what Antony Gaddie calls a Coffee and Doughnut meeting. You get a coffee and… zero. He’s the founder of Green Ant Marketing and he shared with us (over coffee) five things that you can do to help you make the most of your coffee shop meetings.


New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...