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Private equity and the death of the public company

"I TOLD YOU I WAS ILL!" It was once the apogee of commercial success. But now, many Australian business owners are challenging the notion that...
GO1 CEO Andrew Barnes secures over US$40 million in Series C funding as remote work explosion drives...

As remote learning has become a necessity for many, GO1 has tripled engagement on the platform over the last month. The funding will be used to increase market expansion in North America as well as expand its content provider partner network in direct response to the increased demand for the platform.

Beanhunter has raised $500,000 to help more people find a better cup of coffee

Coffee review and recommendation app and website Beanhunter recently successfully completed a $500,000 funding round.

Are you grant ready? Grant Writing

Grant Writing Grant writing is a specialist art. Writing from the heart or what you think an assessor wants to hear is not usually the...

3 steps to improve diversity and inclusion and solve Australia’s tech talent shortage

D&I has long been proven to give companies a social and economic competitive advantage, but our Shaking the Status Quota report shows that a lack of D&I in Aussie workplaces is alienating stellar talent, and making existing employees feel unwelcome and undervalued.

The ultimate guide to choosing the right e-commerce platform for your business

To create a feature-rich eCommerce store, the first step is to choose the right eCommerce development platform. Here's the comprehensive guide to picking a platform with a user-centric approach.

This start-up helps international students ease into Australia’s work and study climate

Students deciding to pursue work or study overseas face many challenges. One of the hardest parts of being a student is working out the best approach to enter their desired industry, this is especially challenging for international students.

Top tips to become a successful freelancer [VIDEO]

Freelancing is big business. There are 3.7 million freelancers in Australia alone! In fact, many a business starts out as a single person, freelancing -...

How new research is helping businesses harness the power of creativity

Researchers at Manchester Business School have now found a way to de-mystify creativity. Their goal is to make creativity in business more than just a catch phrase, or pipe-dream, but an applicable and achievable reality.

6.5 reasons why entrepreneurship is like surfing

They might seem worlds apart, but in fact there are many similarities between surfers and entrepreneurs. Here are six and a half.

The most useful software programs are free (and other things your computer technician doesn't...

Two weeks ago, David Moore commenced his expose into the secrets of computer maintenance -- rules that are carefully guarded or simply too embarrassing to share. This week, he continues with the uncomfortable truth about brands purchases and the concept of ‘free’.

5 ways to keep your staff motivated and productive instead of bored and lazy

Business adviser Lauren Fried examines the important issue of employee retention and shares her tips to keeping staff motivated and productive.

A call out to all consultants: Speak your mind, or sit on the fence...

Why would you be a professional consultant and then sit on the fence? Often, it’s because they’re afraid of being wrong, being sued or unfavourably viewed by their client. But, you know what, that is not going to cut it.

We are drinking less beer! Can you believe it? Trouble is definitely brewing for...

Did you know that we are drinking less beer? Yes, it is totally true! Back in 2003, the average Australian consumed 110 litres of the...
Helen Roberts

What is holding women back in New Zealand and Australia’s financial advising industry?

A collaborative study by the University of Otago and RMIT University Melbourne has explored reasons for the low level of women in New Zealand and Australia’s financial advising industry.

Young Entrepreneurs hit Sydney… The Video

In this clip, we asked guests of our Sydney event what piece of advice offered by our panel of young entrepreneurs was most memorable. Some of these mini-interviews were conducted early in the evening. Others... a tad later (after draining the bar tab). No points for guessing which mini-interviews took place when.


Learn how to devise winning business ideas in four steps with...

It’s often said that everyone will have at least one big business idea in his or her lifetime. But how do you know if your next big idea is genuinely great or a genuine waste of time? This cheat sheet will help you formulate ideas, identify opportunities, evaluate their strengths and take your first big step forward. Learn how to get focus and clarity. Plus, score a bonus tip that will help you more than you might think!


How to market your business when you don’t have a business...

When Oli Gardner and his co-founders first came up with the idea for Unbounce, most of their planning sessions were all about the complex...


New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...