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Where's the gold?

Imagine if Australia's innovators and entrepreneurs received the same media attention as sporting celebrities. Maybe we would find Ziggy Switkowski being tested for caffeine ingestion...

What’s the most inspiring thing anyone has ever said to you?

At Anthill HQ, we like to think that we've been responsible for the occasional inspiring quote. We certainly like to share the rare and spontaneous moments of others, when business leaders and creative thinkers bring a new idea or way of thinking into the world. Watch and listen carefully. These inspirational words will change your life. Maybe.

This new company in Melbourne has set out to disrupt the $600 million bottled...

Bottled water has rapidly become a popular commodity, a fashion statement even. The Australasian Bottled Water Institute estimates that the industry is worth about $600...

Fintech 100 is looking for the next generation of global fintech innovators

Nominations are open for inclusion in the ‘Fintech 100’ list, which will recognise leading fintech innovators from around the world

Is your baggage hampering your activities? The Airbnb of lugagge wants to lighten the...

Stasher, the innovative luggage storage solution that has been helping worldwide travellers lighten their loads, is now set to convenience thousands of...

thruSocial launches in Australia and New Zealand

Fancy setting up a Facebook page and social coupon campaign in five minutes? As luck would have it, thruSocial can deliver just that. The brainchild of Karel Baloun, the first senior engineer at Facebook, thruSocial and its free social couponing service, Thrupon, has been working its magic in the US of A since April 2010. And now it’s Australia’s and New Zealand’s turn thanks to local entrepreneurs Luke O’Neill and Megan Owen.

In 2009, were you a proactive, experimental future leader or a reactive, butt-covering also-ran?

If there is one good thing that came from this year's commercial carnage, it's the liberating affect the economic downturn had on our collective ability, as entrepreneurs, to speak openly.

Small businesses in Australia are not feeling so sunny in 2017, says new research

The survey of more than 600 small business owners across the country revealed that one in two (50 per cent) respondents are not satisfied with the government’s management of the Australian economy.

The Woz explains how sleep deprivation led to colour displays

Major inventions and technical breakthroughs often happen by accident. Here legendary Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak explains how, while working with Steve Jobs to meet a deadline for Atari, he went four days without sleep, leading to one of his greatest technological breakthroughs.

Website of the Week: Conspicuous wealth never goes out of fashion

Listening to everyone bang on about cost-cutting, home foreclosures and delayed retirements must be mighty wearying for the über rich. Fortunately, those who have more money than they know what to do with can leave the bear-with-a-toothache investment market alone for a while and indulge in several innovative new spending options.

iLingual app lets users give lip in foreign languages

Now you can use you iPhone to speak another language without knowing a word. Checkout the iLingual lads using their app to give Parisians some lip.

How cloud schools will revolutionise the education system. Prepare to be inspired! [VIDEO]

Sugata Mitra is like wayyyyy smart. He's a physicist turned educator who has been awarded a million-dollar TED prize to develop his ideas about cloud schools. No, we do not...

Hate web ads? Now you can replace them with gallery art. But who’s paying?

Now comes Add-Art, a Firefox plugin that not only blocks display ads but replaces them with curated art images. On first hearing about Add-Art I conjured a mental image of a zen-like, ad-free digital nirvana (angels singing, people dressed in white playing lutes, bunches of grapes scattered around). But don't expect Leonardo, Michelangelo, Caravaggio and Van Gogh.

You know those Idol auditions where people make fools of themselves on national television?...

We laugh at the people in Australian Idol auditions who are completely oblivious to that fact that they can't sing. But hang on... These people pop-up in business all the time. You might even have had an 'Idol moment' yourself when you were younger.

Diary of an entrepreneur raising capital: The 'Claytons' Stock Market

When I embarked on my current search for new funding, I thought I was familiar with most of the likely sources: friends (relatives and fools), angels, angels with teeth - Venture Capital (VC), strategic investors (the Holy Grail), an IPO or Lotto. But it turned out there was one I wasn’t aware of...

What the hell is integrated advertising? And, do I need to do it? [VIDEO]

Integrated advertising. Is this just another way for advertising agencies to hit up clients for more cash? Or, is it just a fancy pants...

A Blue Christmas for retailers, says Talking Business economist

Talking Business is a podcast review of the Australian economy, presented by seasoned business journalists Leon Gettler and Garry Barker, produced in association with the RMIT College of Business. In this podcast, RMIT economist Sinclair Davidson talks about retail and current account figures and explains why shopping figures are down for the Christmas season. He also gives his forecast on the resolution of Europe's economic mess following the bailout of Ireland.

How I built a nuclear fusion reactor in my garage [VIDEO]

At 12 Taylor Wilson set out to build a star. Not one for the top of your Christmas tree, but one driven by nuclear fusion. By 14, he'd built a nuclear fusion reactor in his parents garage. He's now tackling how he can take this further to solve the world's energy needs.

SMEs and the cash flow challenge

Cash flow is the single biggest factor that determines the success or otherwise of a small and medium enterprise. Surveys unerringly reveal cash flow...

Developing a great social media strategy: what, when, where and how should you post

The greatest hurdle in building a tribe of loyal and engaged followers is to identify your audience and get to know them as intimately as possible; you should be publishing the type of content that your specific audience is actively seeking and habitually consuming.


The Alchemy of Negotiation with Matt Lohmeyer [FREE REPORT]

Negotiation is part and parcel of everyday life. Despite this, the idea of honing our negotiating skills doesn’t go down well with most of us. We fear that we’ll end up being manipulative, exploitative, scheming. To help us break the chains of this retrogressive mentality, we have Matt Lohmeyer. He has worked as a professional negotiator in various fields for over eight years and before that, negotiated deals with biotech pharmaceutical and chemical companies. In short, he’s an Alchemist in the Art of Negotiation.


Learn how to devise winning business ideas in four steps with...

It’s often said that everyone will have at least one big business idea in his or her lifetime. But how do you know if your next big idea is genuinely great or a genuine waste of time? This cheat sheet will help you formulate ideas, identify opportunities, evaluate their strengths and take your first big step forward. Learn how to get focus and clarity. Plus, score a bonus tip that will help you more than you might think!


New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...