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The best three-minute video about leadership you will ever see

You might think you have a pretty good grasp on what makes an effective leader. You might even think you're pretty good at explaining it to others. But it's unlikely you can do a better job explaining it than this roughly shot three-minute video of a lone, shirtless guy dancing at a concert.

If your banner click-through rates are weak, look to your search data

Display advertising offers one of the lowest click-through and conversion rates of any online channel. Yet there are solutions. Search engines and analytics packages are loaded with valuable data that can be used for display. Here are two tactics you can use to increase traffic with search data.

Why introverts rule the world; we just don’t plan on shouting about our victory...

Many people assume that it's the extroverts that have the biggest affect on the world; not the quiet ones. But, if you're an introvert, you...

How to build a business in 7 days for under $500 [Day#3: The Pitch]

So you want to start a business but time and money are holding you back? Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin has set himself the challenge of launching a startup in seven days for less than $500. He’s posting daily summaries for seven days. This is his third post in the series. If you’re new to this series, it’s worth reading the preceding posts for context.

Viral Marketing 101 just changed. Check out lessons from ‘The Hunger Games’

What was the last thing you did before booking your movie tickets? One in five logged on to Facebook and checked out what their close friends said about the movie, and an even higher 38% found other ways to do the same, suggesting a clear shift in the dynamics of viral marketing.

Facebook thinks I'm an overweight Liberal

Once of the greatest things about social media is that it allows advertisers to target their messages to certain demographics and consumers with identifiable buying habits. Initially, this sounds insidious. However, targeted advertising is largely a boon for both sides of the sales equation.

Monash researchers’ medical cocktail is a breath of fresh air for asthmatics

Mixing drugs and alcohol? That might be a no-no but breathe easy. It seems just right when it comes to designing the better asthma inhaler. A Monash University research team led by Dr Meng Wai Woo hit upon the novel medical cocktail to address an age-old problem of efficiently delivering asthma drugs.

From go to whoah! Less than a year old and more than 117,000 members....

Gen George had an idea about how to make it easier for casual workers to find work. She spent the time on a plane between Sydney and Melbourne pitching the idea to her father to get seed funding for the business. By the time the plane landed at Tullamarine, it was on. Less than a year later, OneShift is kicking some amazing goals.

Simple ways to spot deception in a negotiation [PODCAST]

PreneurCast is a marketing + business podcast. Each week, author and marketer Pete Williams and digital media producer Dom Goucher discuss entrepreneurship, business, internet...

Entrepreneurs’ Night Out (BRISBANE)

Entrepreneurs' Night Out is on in Brisbane for a round of meeting and mingling. Share a drink. Have a laugh. And most importantly, help...

The advertising wisdom of the Twitter IPO [Infographic]

So, you want to build your business on an established advertising model, huh? It can be very expensive to focus on attracting users before you...

WikiLeaks sister site names and shames public figures calling for its founder’s death

In the wake of the recent Tucson shootings - which saw six dead and 18 injured - WikiLeaks has called for prominent US media personalities to be held accountable for inciting violence. In typical balls-out fashion, the activist organisation offered its condolences to the victims of the shooting, while at the same time aligning the incident with its campaign on sister site,

Four email marketing mistakes that make you look like a spammer, and what you...

A whopping 85% of email sent worldwide is spam. Plus, personal emails now account for only 14% of inbox email. Half of what’s left is made up of opt-in newsletters and deals. That’s a lot of marketing emails! So, how do you make sure your marketing emails don't end up being classified as spam?

Digital culture isn't an oxymoron. Or is it? [VIDEO]

Jonathan Harris is both an artist and a computer scientist. That must mean that both hemispheres of his brain are firing on full cylinders. In this video, Harris shares what he has discovered in his work to be the four big cultural trends brought to us by the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest: Compression, Disposability, Curation, and Self-Promotion.

Urban Cycling: a movement, a market, or both?

If you've been on Swanston Street or St Kilda Road in Melbourne at peak hour you have seen the hundreds, probably thousands of urban cyclists who line these routes. Their attire ranges from spray-on lycra to stylish suits, high heels and everything in between. Is this movement towards urban cycling a fad -- or does it indicate a new market for products and services?

A brief, animated history of type face. How to befriend a designer [VIDEO]

Comic sans is hated. Helevetica is revered. If you're not sure of the differences between serifs, old type, modern, transitional and geometric fonts, then you...

More and more businesses are embracing social media and actually getting good at it

The number of businesses with a social media presence has leapt this year in every category, up from 31 per cent to 48 per cent for small and medium businesses (SMBs) and from 56 per cent to 79 per cent for large businesses, according to the 2016 Social Media Report.

Cool Award winner carves up iTunes charts with ‘Ask the Butcher’ iPhone app

Protein One, winner of the Commercial Creativity Award at the 2009 Anthill Cools for its Ask The Butcher creative campaign, unexpectedly stormed up the iTunes charts over the holidays with its 'Ask The Butcher' iPhone App.

Old Spice guy makes a cameo in latest viral ad [VIDEO]

Whoever thought that a little bit of hand waving from a girl in tank top could cause so much havoc. Clocking more than 10 million views in the past three weeks, this ad for the Samsung Smart TV looks set to become one of the big viral ads for this year.

No one cares about you! Godin delivers some vital, unvarnished truth

The masses are turned on, tuned in and... thinking entirely of themselves. Seth Godin provides an important reality check for marketeers and businesses when considering exploring and exploiting the mass market appeal of modern media channels.




New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...