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Tips on how to create a successful mobile app [PODCAST]

PreneurCast is a marketing podcast. Each week, author and marketer Pete Williams and digital media producer Dom Goucher discuss entrepreneurship, business, internet marketing and...

MINI Cooper's mainstreet marketing campaign thinks INSIDE the box

The team behind this recent Mini Cooper campaign have taken outdoor advertising to a whole new level: They've taken it down a notch. In what could possibly be described as 3D, ground-level advertising (we're open to suggestions), Dutch agency Ubachswisbrun/JWT created this 'visual piece' to demonstrate the compact nature of the MINI. We're always impressed by memorable marketing.

Website of the Week: Lost At E Minor

Something a bit different this week. At Anthill, we're keen advocates of great design as a gateway to untapped creativity. We place immense emphasis on...

Banksy’s dark, dark jab at 20th Century Fox

The darkly comedic introduction sequence, which was developed by UK stencil artist Banksy at the invitation of The Simpsons' producers, was pulled from YouTube earlier today, prompting many tech-scene observers to speculate that the clip, which is clearly critical of the program's production processes, ruffled some of the wrong feathers at Fox.

What does Google's Penguin update mean for your SEO?

On 25 April, Google released its latest ranking algorithm, now called the Penguin Update (for reasons known only to Google). Since then, the same set of five to eight recommendations have arrived in my personal inbox from a number of reputable sources. They are supposed to describe factors that seem to help search engine rankings post-Penguin. However, to be frank, most of these recommendations don't seem like anything new. In fact, they only seem to reinforce what people who have a basic understanding of SEO already know. And one recommendation seems downright wrong.

Kirk vs Spock: The latest VW ad [VIDEO]

Well, it's about time that Nimoy upgraded from the dodgy Merc he drove when playing off against his younger self. The latest ad from Volkswagen...

Website of the Week: The Loop helps creative people sell themselves

Creative industries have changed dramatically over the past decade, but unfortunately the options for creative professionals to showcase their talent to peers and prospective employers hasn’t. Until now.

How to predict the next YouTube trend: proven with math, logic and bits of...

Ryan Higa has cracked the secret to viral YouTube videos. It took four days and a lot of string but, I think he's on to something.

Yellow Pages responds to Hidden Pizza campaign critics

A couple of weeks back Lachy Wharton’s article Hidden Pizza Restaurant reveals not-so-hidden flaws in Yellow Pages’ digital strategy set off a tide of comment here on Anthill and through various social media channels. Much of this sentiment, like the article itself, was critical of Yellow Pages’ campaign. At the time, the marketers at Yellow Pages were staying tight-lipped. However, now that the campaign has concluded Stephen Ronchi has accepted our invitation to present the Hidden Pizza campaign from Yellow Pages’ perspective.

Stackla, the Australian social media start up that is taking on Lady Gaga

Stackla is at the forefront of an emerging trend, where brands and organisations are providing curated social media content to their fans, providing a more relevant & tailored social experience.

When you know what you’re talking about, you will sound like this guy [VIDEO]

This is a video, taken by a sneaky passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight from San Fransisco to Chicago about a week ago. The passenger...

An ‘anthropological’ introduction to YouTube [VIDEO]

The word 'anthropology' refers to the social science that studies the origins and social relationships of human beings. It would be hard to think of a more instructive tool for the analysis of modern human behaviours than YouTube.

Snazzy Napper: Anthill’s search for the world’s most brainless innovation continues

The product developers describe the innovation as "the snazzy way to sleep while you travel". What they don't explain is how this innovation hasn't yet caused race riots in a country already irrationally fearful of similar headware and community centres. Could this be the most brainless innovation ever?

Is this ethical advertising? Is it for the greater good? [VIDEO]

I am really unsure what I feel about this campaign designed by BBDO Bangkok. In the poorest parts of many countries, including Thailand, people use...

Website Linking: the good, the bad, the ugly

Google’s latest algorithm changes have highlighted the effect linking can have on your website. Links come in varying quality, some get an two enthusiastic thumbs up from the search giant, and others, not so much.

Google Chrome OS explained in three-and-a-half minutes

For those who haven't quite gotten their heads around what Google is up to with it new Chrome browser and future web-based operating system, the search giant just released this video explaining it all in very simple terms. This accompanied Google's announcement today that it is releasing the Chromium OS open source project.

Bing Lee’s Facebook flood pledge: Brilliant or worth a bollocking? What do you think?

Electronics retailer Bing Lee has caused a ruckus on the interwebs for pledging to donate $1 to the Queensland flood appeal for every user who became a member of the company's fan page. The strategy has been attacked on Twitter, with users adopting the hashtag "#charityfail". Brilliant marketing or worth a bollocking?

A brief, animated history of type face. How to befriend a designer [VIDEO]

Comic sans is hated. Helevetica is revered. If you're not sure of the differences between serifs, old type, modern, transitional and geometric fonts, then you...

Snazzy Napper: Anthill's search for the world's most brainless innovation continues

The product developers describe the innovation as "the snazzy way to sleep while you travel". What they don't explain is how this innovation hasn't yet caused race riots in a country already irrationally fearful of similar headware and community centres. Could this be the most brainless innovation ever?
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