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Cool commercial creativity and the lighter side of business.

Hug it out! Viral ad bring goodwill to previously bad behaving sportsmen [VIDEO]

In the U.S., Foot Locker kicked off a week long sale with this ad. It delivers the line that, during this week of greatness, the...

Beer O’Clock

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Ant Bytes — AA20

INTRODUCING THE LATEST CRIME-FIGHTING SUPERHERO: ONLINE VIDEO The rise of YouTube and other online video sites has provided police and crime victims with a powerful...

The Evolution of Business Movies, Part 6: The Social Network

What can’t be denied is the film's assertion that the business world is now the domain of Gen-Y entrepreneurs, who have the smarts and creativity to bring their billion-dollar ideas to life. Spurred on by the success of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, young men such as Zuckerberg have created successful businesses all through the typing of code on a computer screen.

Does this make the ‘Cools’ the biggest award in business?

At this year's Cool Company Awards, category winners were presented with a trophy that could be described as Australia’s biggest award in business — a 1.2 metre, individually branded bean-bag. Produced by Ambient Lounge, a winner in Anthill's SMART 100 earlier this year, the nine bean-bags, each branded with the award's logo and the category winner's name and accolade, were described by Anthill Editor-In-Chief as "perfect for the office, reception, pool room... or boudoir."

Segmentation and the fallacy of social media

Perhaps the biggest misconception about social media is that it creates market segments from nothing.

Holy hairballs! Cat videos declared the next big thing in advertising

Iz in ur brain, storming ur lolcat ads. Here's a fun little sendup of what would happen if an advertising agency embraced homemade cat videos as the germ of marketing genius. So, ask yourself, what can these darling feline clowns do for your business?

What happens if you Shazam a flushing toilet? [VIDEO]

I did test this myself but, I have a toilet that is almost silent. The best I got was an ad for Zero Dark Thirty. Dylan from Household Hacker got an entirely different result.

How to embrace an internet meme and make it your own [VIDEO]

There may almost be as many bacon memes on the internet as there are cat videos. Almost. Oscar Mayer has embraced the internet's love of...

We think this Volkswagen commercial is Forcing it a bit. What say you? [VIDEO]

We find it amusing that uberbaddie Darth Vader would be chosen by Volkswagen to serve as the hero in this commercial for the 2012 Passat. Not only that, but they slap the cape and helmet on a kid who's, what? Five? Six? What say you? Inspired commercial creativity or the lowest form of pandering?

Create your own Jackson Pollock-like artwork by simply tracking your mouse movement over time

You don't have to be a fragile artist to produce a masterpiece like this. Simply install IOGraph and get on with your normal computer business. After a while, open the software and save your visual tracking abstraction for others to admire.

Not everything is as it seems. A cat discovers a mirror and begins to...

It turns out cats can see themselves in mirrors, it's just that they just can't be bothered. This one plays with its remarkable discovery.

The not-so-new iPad stand: Apple brainchild meets great great great grandparent

The third-party gadget floodgates have opened and we're already becoming inundated with optional extras to help us play and adapt our new shiny toy. That's why this video caught our attention. Not only is it a novel way to display your iPad, but it's... kind of cool, with a hint of 'chindogu' madness likely to impress both early-adopters and luddites.

What does Bin Laden’s death mean if you’re 10 years old? Let’s find out

At news that the yanks had 'taken out' Osama bin Laden, we hungrily ingested the opinions of Washington insiders, Kentucky short-order cooks and Al Qaeda terrorists. (Heck, CNN and Time magazine even tracked down the kids who were listening to President George Bush read "The Pet Goat" when the 9/11 attacks occurred and asked them what they thought of Bin Laden's demise.) Oh, yes. We've heard it from all angles. At least, we thought he had.

MIT students develop 'Gaydar' software to out social networkers

Two MIT students have developed software that uses an algorithm to analyse friendship associations on Facebook and predict whether users are gay.

Does this company deserve $100k in seed funding? Heck, yeah!

Australia's richest business plan competition, offering $100,000 for one savvy Australian business, reached its conclusion at the Queensland State Library in Brisbane last Wednesday night. Does this company deserve $100k in seed funding? Heck, yeah! Now watch the clip.

7 ways to be happier at work

The combination of entrepreneur and brain scientist is rare in one human being. Jeffrey M. Stibel is one such person, and when he opines,...

“The American Dream” employs engaging animation to tell a fiscal horror story [VIDEO]

"The American Dream" is a horror story told in "South Park" style. It says the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank has locked the US in a nigh-unbreakable cycle of loans, interest and debt, using an endless flow of currency that's backed by absolutely nothing. Side-splitting yet sobering, there's a lesson in this YouTube 'epic' for everyone.

BP spills coffee. Obama bursts into song. Beer O'clock has obviously come early.

What's the difference between tragedy and comedy? According to Mel Brooks: "Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die." For the rest of us, the difference is usually just a matter of timing. Is it too soon to start making fun of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (also referred to as the BP Oil Spill)? Well that, according to the folk at UCBComedy, depends entirely on who you are making fun of.

It’s a whole new generation of computer controllers. The secret is tapioca [VIDEO]

There has been a lot of announcements in the world of real-world interaction with computers. We've had LeapMotion, MYO, plants and invisible forces. But now,...



How to build a retail empire with James Webber [FREE REPORT]

Starting any new business is hard, but starting an online retail business is particularly hard. You see, this is one industry that combines technology, logistics and, of course, marketing – it’s a juggling act. To help us crack this hard nut, we sought the wisdom James Webber, CEO at Bookworld.


New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...