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A serene pod office for your back yard

It might look like something out of Lord of the Rings, but the UK-designed Archipod contains all the modern comforts of a compact office, transplanted into the sanctuary of your back yard.

How to build a business in 7 days for under $500 [Day#3: The Pitch]

So you want to start a business but time and money are holding you back? Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin has set himself the challenge of launching a startup in seven days for less than $500. He’s posting daily summaries for seven days. This is his third post in the series. If you’re new to this series, it’s worth reading the preceding posts for context.

New website aims to make engineering sexy for students

The Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering at the University of Sydney used the occasion of Engineering Week to launch The site is designed to encourage more high school students to see engineering as an interesting and viable career path.

Your clients are morons

I was reading someone’s blog the other day and they were talking about determining what information products are best for your clients… and therein I read the offending sentence: “The best way to find out is to ask them.” What a load of crap.

Our first social media 'experiment' for online marketing month. Do you want to be...

The 'zing' factor that social media brings to any marketing campaign is the potential it provides for exponential growth. If one person likes the offer and is compelled to invite their friends to also register for the offer, and if their friends, in turn, feel compelled to register and invite their friends to register for the offer, then you suddenly have on your hands a campaign with significant reach, far beyond anything that traditional media can provide.

You say you’re an expert. I say you “know” squat

As I lie in bed writing this on a Sunday morning, I am bracing myself for a wave of criticism. There is going to be a fair dose of irony in this article, and depending on where it meanders, I can imagine it pissing off a lot of people.

Who really benefits from the Rudd Government’s new Commercialisation Australia program?

The news yesterday that the Federal Government has unveiled details of its $196 million Commercialisation Australia (CA) initiative has been welcomed by many entrepreneurs and innovation consultants. These same intended beneficiaries might also be forgiven for wondering whether it is an improvement on the $1 billion Commercial Ready Scheme it is designed to replace.

Research: Caffeine consumption can reverse Alzheimer’s

Researchers at Florida's Alzheimer's Research Centre have revealed that increased caffeine intake in mice can prevent and even reverse the effects of Alzheimer's. This news...

The 10 best strategic business slides of all time: #4 — Values

In the fourth post in this series, Nigel Malone shares the contents of another of his favourite business keynote slides, drawn from a cross-section of sources that includes some of the great business, brand and military planners of all time.

If you like Funniest Home Videos (but are too ashamed to admit it), you're...

Okay. Because it's the last Friday before we all switch off and get some well earned R&R, we've decided to break from tradition and post a couple of video clips that are completely unrelated to business and innovation. They hail from one of our favourite websites, This is one media outlet that you don't ever want to be known for appearing on. (There are better ways to experience your 15 minutes of fame.) Enjoy and happy festive season Anthillians!

Now you can get Hulu in Australia (and Stephen Conroy ain't gonna like it)

Hulu is a website that offers commercial-supported streaming video of TV shows and movies from NBC, Fox and many other networks and studios. It topped Fast Company's Top 100 Innovators list for 2009, beating both Google and GE. It is a rival to YouTube (offering full episodes, rather than 10 minute teasers), threatens Apple's strategy for renting and selling video content online (as a logical extension of iTunes) and in April signed a deal with Disney that sent shivers down the spines of television and studio executives the world over (those execs with spines, anyway).

Do Annual Performance Reviews do more harm than good?

For thousands of corporations and businesses across Australia, it’s that time of year again. Managers are gearing up for a task which often provokes feelings of dread. Employees are preparing themselves for something frequently described as “loathsome”.

Insolvency and turnaround: Is your company in danger of becoming insolvent?

As I recently noted, troubled businesses that wait too long to seek financial help end up hurting the Australian economy – to the tune of $13 billion every year. Fortunately, turnaround specialists are committed to insolvency prevention by returning troubled companies to profitability and financial stability. Here's how to make sure you're alert to the warning signs and know when to call for help.

Help us populate Anthill’s DUMB REPORT for 2009

Every year, at about this time, we take greater pleasure in assembling and releasing the outcomes of our annual DUMB REPORT, a selection of goofs, gaffs and groaners from the world of business, politics, media and marketing. As we've said in the past, making mistakes is all part of growing a business. According to the wisdom of Kerry Packer, "If you get things right 60 percent of the time, you will rule the world." It's just a pity that not all mistakes are created equal.

We Gen Ys need more dollars and sense (here’s how)

It has become obvious to me over the past few years spent presenting at universities that an understanding of basic financial principles is not taught anywhere throughout the traditional education system. This leaves us Gen Ys, again, with the responsibility of educating ourselves. Or going bankrupt.

What I learned from a day with Domenic Carosa: Seeing the game from the...

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of a day off from emails and deadlines and spent my time instead at the Anthill Capital Raising, Acquisitions & Exit Masterclass run by Domenic Caruso. Time outs have been rare in recent times but this one was well worth it.

October is 'Online Marketing Month' at Anthill

This month, we have decided to explore the many facets of online marketing - from web development to the application of social media channels. For want of a better name, we’re calling this exercise Online Marketing Month. Over the next four weeks, we’ll be bringing you a range of opinions, articles and 'experiments' on this topic, culminating in an evening seminar and half-day workshop, to be held in collaboration with Design Victoria (aptly titled ‘Online Marketing by Design’).

The Rise of the Social Economy, Part 3: How to begin a social media...

Many companies have been adopting an approach to social media based on an assumption that it is ‘free’. They have set up accounts and hoped it will work. It won’t. Hope is not a strategy, and social media takes time to get right – so it can’t be free. So let’s walk through the basic steps.

What do the iPad and Charlie Sheen have in common?

iPads have every right to be smug. They know we can't wait to fondle their sleek bodies. To them, we're a sure thing. They're Charlie Sheen and we're all just helpless bimbos, begging to be at their service in a way that only a TV show as base as "Two and a Half Men" can illustrate.

iPhone app review: Concert Vault

Concert Vault is a simple, free app that adds another dimension to the humble iPod concept. Lazy Sunday afternoons with the speaker jack plugged into the iPhone, listening to concerts you were too poor or too unborn to attend are a real treat.


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How to pitch sales and marketing ideas to your boss with...

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New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...