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Stop trying to monetise Twitter. You’re killing the golden goose!

There’s no getting around it – utilisation of social networking as a form of marketing requires an input of time. This bugs a lot of business owners, looking for a shortcut. Isn’t there some way in which we can just, like, advertise on it or something? Do we really need to spend hours in front of our computers tweeting, LinkingIn and Facebooking?

Negotiation and the ghost of Machiavelli

Whether you prefer to be feared or loved, new research suggests that the important thing at the negotiation table is that you don’t try to be nice.

What you see when Google Wave crashes (screenshot)

I only have one other Wave contact, so I haven't exactly been Hanging Ten so far. Nevertheless, I just checked in and discovered this attentive message from my new guardian angel, The Doc. Perhaps Google's Chrome browser crashed Wave, but it's good to know The Doc is in my corner.

Are you a regurgitated version of your competitors? (Plus YouTube & 145,000 views)

Yes, yes I hear you… you’re adamant that your business model is different. But is it really? Take a moment now to jump online and Google the products and services you sell. Does your offering still feel so unique, or is it starting to look suspiciously similar to others in the marketplace?

Six lessons from a collective buying newbie (what we got right, what we got...

On Friday 25 February, Anthill launched a group buying website for bsuiness owners, called Antmart. We promised, at the time, to share what worked... and what didn't. At this early stage in the site's development, our attention has largely been on aspects that didn't work. Here are six lessons from our first week.

Want to raise your profile and attract opportunities? Just ask, “What would a masterchef...

If you've ever lost a big contract or project to a competitor, you'll know the true meaning of commercial frustration. Sure, we all deal with...

Entrepreneurship motivates staff. Not carrots or sticks.

The role of entrepreneurship in corporate strategy goes far beyond trying to get innovative products to market or gaining an edge over your competitors. It helps to set the culture of an organisation that affects staff retention, engagement and productivity. So how do we motivate our employees into adopting this new culture?

Are women snubbing men in the boardroom?

Imagine this... You are one of one hundred and thirty women walking into a room to learn about networking with men to gain board positions. As you walk in, you see the only male presenter standing there, smiling, next to the door. He is not directly in your way. However, he is standing just far enough from the doorway that you have to change direction to make your way around him to enter the room and find your seat. Do you make an effort to say hello or walk on by?

Welcome to the shallow end of the corporate gene pool

“When we arrived, the staff knew we were a triage team called in to determine whether they should receive emergency surgery and a chance at life or a shot of morphine and a painless journey to oblivion.”

Five things I learnt at the Startup Hackathon

When my friend convinced me I should join him in the Startup Hackathon – an event where mostly everyone involved is awake for the majority of a 48 hour period and creates a startup with a real product – I did not know what to expect.

The Rise of the Social Economy, Part 3: How to begin a social media...

Many companies have been adopting an approach to social media based on an assumption that it is ‘free’. They have set up accounts and hoped it will work. It won’t. Hope is not a strategy, and social media takes time to get right – so it can’t be free. So let’s walk through the basic steps.

Anthill's Five Most Influential Posts

They were chosen for the way they influenced us (yes, Anthill) and, therefore, the way we report to you. Sure, it's a slightly narcissistic email but, in a strange way, our chosen five also seem to say a great deal about the changing nature of business in Australia. The five are presented in no particular order.

Stackable, modular fridge helps keep peace between housemates

You've heard the old saying 'good fences make good neighbour'. Well this refrigerator, comprising up to four individual modules stacked vertically, is sure to prevent turf wars between housemates over who ate what, when and why.

That’s outrageous! What ‘Low-Panting’ can teach us about new ideas

From Levi Strauss’ canvas pants to the minimalism of Twitter, every invention has its detractors. While Ryan Spanger counts himself among the indignant, he suspects something is amiss in our rush to judgement. When we learn to think beyond our gut reactions, he argues, we learn how to make innovation work for us.

Research: Australians lead the world in time spent on social media

A recent survey by The Nielsen Company has shown a global rise of time spent on social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, of two and a half hours for December 2009 and December 2008. Going from three hours to five and a half hours represents a staggering 82 percent increase.

Addressing the commercialisation gaps (CCI 'Call for comment')

Yesterday, I posted an article calling on members of the private sector to join me in responding to the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research's Opportunity for Comment to "help inform the development and operation of the Commonwealth Commercialisation Institute." Naturally, I invite you to join me and post your own responses to each section, as a way to encourage open dialogue and the sharing of opinions. This way, when you do formerly submit your thoughts, you will do so informed by the views of many.

The Rise of the Social Economy, Part 2: The new web and its market...

The web is no longer a digital version of print. It is the space where conversation is facilitated. Websites are becoming applications that feed information out to various social-based platforms. This means that most brands need to start thinking about their website as a database that organises and distributes information and features to specific groups within the world of social media.

Ignore crowds. Focus on tribes.

If you listen to most marketing experts today, you could be easily forgiven for getting lost in the vast number of social media channels and options. The most popular tactic of late has involved harnessing the power of crowds, often called 'crowdsourcing'. But consider the merits, or limits, of a crowd – defined by most dictionaries as “a collection of people.”

Nicholas Molnar and Simon Molnar, 2015 Anthill 30under30 Winners

What is the 30under30? 30under30 is an Anthill initiative launched in early 2008 to encourage and promote entrepreneurship among young Australians. Each year, we invite our...

Take this job and… clock it

Jarrad Woods, a video game developer for Canberra-based studio 2K Australia, notified his employers of his decision to quit by creating a Flash game for them to play.




New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...