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Australians unwilling to pay extra for internet TV

Compare Broadband, a broadband comparison website, recently conducted a poll where it asked its visitors if they were willing to pay extra for their broadband provider to include unmetered Australian TV shows. Two thirds said no.

Sensis launches tour to help SMEs enter the digital age

Sensis reports have found that almost half of Australian SMEs are missing an online presence and that most lack a digital strategy, prompting a tour across Australia to help businesses enter the digital world.

Australians among the world’s biggest entertainment consumers

According to a new report from the ARC Centre for Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation at the Queensland University of Technology, Australians spent $17 billion in the entertainment industry in 2009, with each Australian over fifteen years old spending an average $756. That ranks us fifth among the world’s biggest entertainment spenders, right behind the United States, Japan, United Kingdom and Germany.

Our ‘gloomy’ site gets a face-lift

If you haven't already noticed, our 'gloomy' grey site was today given a face-lift. As posted previously, we've always been embarrassed about our website -...

NSW seeks young entrepreneurs for Round Table series

Are you a business owner under 35 living in New South Wales? Industry & Investment NSW is inviting young NSW entrepreneurs to a Round Table event on Friday 4 Jun 2010 (3pm to 5pm). This event was developed to help the NSW Government gain a better understanding of the hurdles and expectations of young people who are starting and running a business.

Australian women less confident in the economy than men. Could this hurt spending?

According to Michael Blythe, Commonwealth Bank Chief Economist, “The divergence between retail and non-retail spending trends, where women and men’s spending dominate respectively, correlates with the divide in gender sentiment. Department store sales, for example, where women are responsible for 59% of spending, is soft. And this softness is linked to the less positive sentiment of female consumers.”

Australia's ranking as a 'networked' nation is on the slide, according to World Economic...

According to the World Economic Forum, Australia is slipping as a 'networked' nation. The organisation's annual survey of 133 nations for its Global Information Technology Report (2009–2010) ranked Australia as the world's 16th most 'networked', falling from its 14th place held over the past two years.

Creative Industries Innovation Centre serves monthly business advice — and it’s free

Businesses operating in the creative field will be able to discuss their challenges in a free one-hour session with senior consultants in a new service beginning this month. The CIIC Biztro, an initiative of the Creative Industries Innovation Centre (CIIC), will be available in five cities.

ASSOB’s five-million-dollar resurrection a positive sign for capital seekers

The Australian Small Scale Offerings Board, the National Stock Exchange's largest capital-raising platform for showcasing unlisted companies for investors, posted a $186,000 profit for the fiscal year ended June 30, coming from a loss of $4.8 million the year previously.

Could Facebook become a threat to mobile operators?

Ovum's latest report states that Facebook is invading mobile operators space and could potentially become a very serious threat. However, mobile operators aren't taking Facebook as a serious competitor but rather as a business partner.

My hunch says: don’t block Twitter followers

Let’s take a leaf from the pages of Old Media History. If you own a television set, TV networks can’t stop you watching their programming. There is no ‘block’ button on the control panel at your local TV station. Yet the demographic composition of a TV audience is essential to the success of a television when courting advertisers.

NewNet launches new green business information service

A new service called Deal Radar was launched by NewNet to deliver in-depth business information for green companies all over the world. With the mission to connect the sustainable business community and promote green business opportunities, NewNet will be providing insights into business opportunities and investment in the clean technologies and sustainability sectors through its new service.

Janine Allis delivers a much needed boost for Gen Y

Generation Y has been slammed in the media for a lack of work ethic. To find out what business leaders think, Jack Delosa caught up with Janine Allis, founder of Boost Juice, to learn about how she turned this generation into her greatest asset and what Gen Ys can do to take advantage of the recent media attention.

Rural R&D needs to move to the next level

Much of the discussion about business innovation and commercialisation in this country focuses on technology transfer and public R&D. However, it’s worth reminding ourselves that agriculture and primary industries still constitute a large proportion of Australia’s GDP. And these sectors are crying out for innovation reform too. Brian Ramsay explains the significance of the upcoming Productivity Commission inquiry into rural R&D corporations.

Dr Robin Batterham

Batterham than me! Dr Robin Batterham has one of the toughest jobs in Australia. He is Australia's Chief Scientist. But what exactly does that mean? According...

Australian retail e-commerce industry gets its own awards program

The inaugural award ceremony in Australia for the e-retail industry will be held in July at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Why slamming the brakes can be a great product strategy… just ask my dog

During a recent visit to the off-leash park my dog was being jostled either side by a couple of rouge, running hounds. Instead of carrying on, enduring the torment of being corralled by the hecklers, my dog stopped, stood tall, and let them go past. Then she changed course and reasserted herself. This has been the strategy of Intel, Hollywood and independent schools.

Victorian government adopts Creative Commons as its default information licensing system

In a first move by an Australian government, the Victorian parliament has adopted Creative Commons (CC) licensing as its default licensing system for access to public sector information (PSI).

Silex Systems buys collapsed Solar Systems’ assets, raising solar energy hopes (and many questions)

Plans by Silex Systems Limited to buy the assets of Solar Systems, the Melbourne-based solar energy company that was placed into administration last September, injects life into a cherished plan, but uncertainty persists. Government support is in the offing and, worse for engineers, the technology remains unproven at utility scale.

Election accelerates mobile ‘news’ adoption, says Nielsen

Australians' use of handhelds to track the election and its aftermath led to record usage levels. Nielsen's Mobile Market Intelligence service saw overall volume leap by 19 percent in August, compared to July, with the major news organisations the key beneficiaries of the traffic increase.


Five ways to manage your time by managing yourself, with Helen...

Finding the time to tackle everything is one of the greatest challenges faced by business owners. To help time-starved business owners work smarter and not harder, we spoke with Helen Ebdon. The director of Affirming Business and Executive Coaching, she’s a serial entrepreneur who started her first business at age 25. She’s built and run direct marketing and communications businesses and she’s also the creator of the Take 15 Program for business effectiveness.


The Top 5 Most Insanely Dumb Mistakes made by Rookie and...

LinkedIn is a professional and commercial platform. What you do on LinkedIn matters: it really matters, and if you’re not careful, your actions can backfire and tarnish your brand and your integrity. We're going to throw out a wild guess and say that you don’t want to get burned by your mistakes. Fair enough. This FREE REPORT from David Hobson has the five most common LinkedIn mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.


New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...