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I’ve always wanted a clone. Now, my iPad can become one [VIDEO]

I don't mean a Dr Evil Mini Me sort of clone, either. I've just felt that sometimes, it would be better if I could be in two places at once. Like, at home and at work. Or, better yet, diving and at home, I mean work.

Confessions of an email marketer: how I learnt to bore customers in one simple...

Talk to anyone who does email marketing for long enough, and the confessions begin to surface. We've all made mistakes. Come on, you can admit it here. We don't judge! Yet there is a real sin in email marketing. One so bad, that this perpetrator could not even show his face on camera.

Should Fairfax give away 100,000 iPads and axe their print editions? [ANALYST RECOMMENDATION]

According to an article in The Australian: Fairfax Media should axe its Melbourne and Sydney daily print editions and focus on e-readers and online to boost earnings. Macquarie analyst Alex Pollak suggests Fairfax could get the ball rolling by spending about $50m to give away 100,000 e-readers to seed the migration of readers away from print.

Words don’t do this mobile technology justice. Just watch.

Imagine that you are walking down the street with your mobile phone in hand and you'd like to know what is going on in your neck of the woods. You can now hold up your phone and, using your mobile phone's camera, see "tags" overlaid onto whatever you’re looking at. For example, you might observe a "Two for one coffer offer - Joe's Coffee." Or "Art Gallery Opening Today."

When was the last time an Australian leader spoke to you like this?

Among the belly-flopping corgis, astonishing Indian Pole Gymnastics and Justin Bieber clips that rise to the top of YouTube's most watched clips on any given day, it's rare to find something of substance. That's why it's forever reassuring to witness the rise of an opinion that is not built on a sound-bite or caters to the common view.

Our debut on Tim Burrowes' Mumbo Report

I had the pleasure of participating in Burrowes' latest product extension, the Mumbo Report, when in Sydney last Friday. It was in many ways flattering to be interviewed from the same seat recently occupied by media doyen Harold Mitchell and SMH editor Peter Fray. However, I'm still undecided about whether I should have had that third espresso before stepping before the camera. (I'll let you be the judge.)

Brick by brick, oh baby, going to get to your love … of Lego...

If Channel Nine had any clue it would have take a direct feed from The Guardian newspaper, and broadcast its entire Olympics coverage in a stop-motion Lego animation. I mean, it's not a big stretch. Karl Stefanovic actually has Lego minifig hair without even trying.

2009 Cool Company Awards video highlights in two-and-a-half minutes

With a Pop Art theme, this year's Anthill Cool Company Awards ceremony was always going to be groovy. Here are the highlights, distilled down into a manic two-and-a-half-minute clip by our very own multi-talented multimedia maestro, Peter Arena (who also designed the winners' "trophies"). Awe-some!

The science of Spiderman: theoretically, he’s possible [VIDEO]

He's less brooding than Batman, and slightly more ruffled than Superman. Spiderman is one of the classic Stan Lee superhero creations. However, are superheroes possible? I'm not talking about the real life superheroes that are emerging across the world. Batman and Ironman, definitely possible. We just need some billionaires with a penchant for justice. One all broody, one a genius, playboy - and we've got them sorted. But, what about Spiderman?

There’s never been a safer time to live on the planet (and here’s a...

Surprisingly frequently, I find myself making the case that there has never been a safer time to live on the planet. Sure, we're confronted daily by news of wars, murders and other forms of human-inflicted violence. But, if you refer to the stats, things are actually pretty good, as this engaging video demonstrates.

Great startup advice from Jerry Greenfield, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream

Anthillian, Rentoid.com founder and 2009 Cool Company Awards judge Steve Sammartino yesterday had the good fortune to meet Jerry Greenfield, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. He asked Greenfield for his number one tip for entrepreneurs starting up a business. Greenfield, generous guy that he is, offered two. Sammartino videoed it.

Is your role functional or is it vital? Chances are, you’re kidding yourself.

As you can imagine, I get sent books all the time. It's one of the perks of being 'Mr Anthill'. Despite being a prolific reader, only a few ever capture my attention. And an even smaller number capture my imagination. Several weeks ago, I was sent the Australian edition of 'Become a Key Person of Influence' by Daniel Priestly. I read it in an afternoon. And, several weeks on, my imagination is still buzzing.

Creepy and underhand or viral advertising gold? Coco-cola brings back its Happiness Machine

We wrote about Coca-Cola's 'Happiness machine' when it first appeared in an unnamed US university campus in January. Indeed, we asked whether it could be the 'worst viral campaign' ever, simply because it seemed so contrived. However, the pimped-out vending machine is back. This time, in Europe.

The future of print media? Augmented-reality newspaper ad jumps off the page [VIDEO]

Who says print is dead? Commonwealth Bank tapped the talents of Sydney computer graphics company Explore Engage and put out a newspaper ad that jumps off the page. All you need is a smartphone camera loaded with a reader app.

Liubinskas at TechCrunch50: Aussie startup entrepreneurs from iPitch & spellr.us

Pollenizer's Mick Liubinskas, Anthill's man on the ground at this week's TechCrunch50 conference in San Francisco, has been wandering around with his trusty video camera hunting down Aussie startup entrepreneurs to interview for you. In this first video, he interviews Green Lane Digital, the team behind iPitch, an online platform matching companies and investors. Below, Liubinskas catches up with another regular contributor, spellr.us founder Kevin Garber.

PLAIR: magic, hipster toy or the next essential gadget? [VIDEO]

Imagine being able to turn every tv screen into a wireless monitor. All it takes is a nifty little device that's all smooth and curvy. That's the promise of PLAIR.

How to get hired in sales – just ask Abott & Costello

Sometimes, all it takes to move ahead in life is being able to back up your fresh perspective with unique logic. Anyone can crank a widget, but how many people can prove that 7 x 13 = 28?

Spreets founder Dean McEvoy shares the art of romancing investors [VIDEO]

Dean McEvoy, founder of Spreets -- the subject one of the most jaw-dropping business acquisitions in recent Australian history -- shares his insights about raising money and wooing investors (two talents in which he appears to excel).

Oracle’s Larry Ellison rains on the ‘cloud’

As founder of Oracle, one of the pre-internet powerhouse technology companies, you might expect Larry Ellison to be cynical of all this talk about cloud computing. He is.

Organised complexity. It may sound like how you arrange your sock drawer, but it’s...

So, you already know that everything is connected to everything else, right? Now, be prepared to look at just how complex all of these connections are. Principal UX Lead at the search engine Bing, Manuel Lima, shows us how the tree of knowledge really no longer applies. This is why creating a site map for your website is really tricky.
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