This business hub has opened its first coworking space in Melbourne

Business hub the ‘11th Space’ officially opened the doors to its first Melbourne co-working space, offering a brand new ecosystem that is...

Switching banks could save SMEs more than $500 a year so why aren’t they...

SMEs put up with abysmal service levels from their banks, despite the fact almost half are dissatisfied with them. So it's creative fintechs to the rescue!

These are the top three legal mistakes you need to avoid when starting a...

Whether you are just starting a new business or have been running a business for years, everyone wishes they checked off the top 3 issues which often arise

A team featuring three NSW startups won a recent blockchain hackathon in New York

NSW’s credentials as a global source of innovation in blockchain were on display in New York last month where a team featuring three NSW companies won a blockchain hackathon.

This award-winning headset measures how consumers respond to marketing content

A headset that captures and measures a consumer’s facial expression, eye gaze, heart rate and brain function may change the way retail outlets design and merchandise their stores. It's a product of DuPont Sustainable Solutions and Curtin Business School.

Earth from 70,000 feet in a U2 spy plane

OK, so this isn't really business related, but we love to be amazed and this video of James May, from Top Gear UK, taking an emotional flight to the edge of space in a U2 spy plane is just wonderful.

How this emerging technology streamlines branch office connectivity and cuts costs

Branch office connectivity has long posed a challenge for geographically distributed organisations, a problem that multiplies as they enter new markets or expand within existing ones.

Get a slice of the hottest pie in town – how to launch a...

It was on one of these trips that I really fell in love with not only the sharing economy itself, but also the seismic shift in consumer behaviour that was emerging in this area globally. I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

Looking to spread your wings beyond Australia? Why you should consider expanding to Japan...

The size and the proximity of the Japanese market makes it an attractive destination for Australian SMEs thinking of growing internationally.

This hiring start-up is giving employers a way to tackle the notorious Australia Day...

Employers be warned: January 27 is shaping up to be 2017’s perfect storm for the biggest single day ‘to chuck a sickie’; contributing a large chunk to Australia’s annual payroll and lost productivity cost of $32.5 billion.

Inaugural industry-backed awards launched to showcase Aussie fintech excellence

The fintech industry and the NSW Government-backed Jobs for NSW have come together to launch new awards to celebrate the world-class achievements of Australia’s financial technology pioneers.

Sometimes you have to tell the truth; even if it’s bad [VIDEO]

Telling the truth can be an awful experience when the facts can't be sugar coated. That's something most entrepreneurs learn early. Call a spade a...

Does this video parody mean Google+ has hit the big time?

Will Google+ make us delete our Facebook accounts and drop our Twitter feed? Despite its apparent success in attracting tens of millions of users in less than a month, the jury is very much still out. But G+ can solidly claim this +1 on the zeitgeist scale -- it's inspired a parody.

What every business owner can learn from this golden retriever [VIDEO]

This is a video of a dog obedience school. The course is strewn with temptations - food, balls, squeaky toys, sausages. The first two dogs do...

Want to be YouTube famous? You do? You and everyone else… [VIDEO]

Warning: This video contains salty language. When all interesting things reach a certain size or, a certain level of popularity, they teeter and fall into...

A new lease of life: the secret life of books [VIDEO]

Ok, so books may be so 2004. But there is something about walking into a bookstore that can be intoxicating. This video was put together by a small team of staff and volunteers that support a single-store bookshop, Type Books in Toronto, Canada. Its elegant choreography and music make it mesmerising viewing.

Enough is enough: How to keep our politicians’ travel spend under control like businesses...

During the last few weeks we’ve seen the government go through what is most likely the worst politician travel scandal in the history of Australia. here is a list of five tools that could have prevented it.

One man's passion for soft drink creates blue ocean strategy

Here's an example of a small business driven by his love for soft drinks. What's remarkable about John Nese, owner and founder of Galco's Soda Pop Stop, is that he has unintentionally created his own blue ocean strategy, selling something as simple as 'sugar water'. Thanks to the Startup Melbourne blog for bringing this to our attention.

Got a wonderful business but have hit ‘the brick wall’? Here’s what you need...

When the roller coaster is heading down, self-doubt settles in. Too many business owners become reactive and lack the ability to respond with commercial acumen.

How can business commercialise digital technologies

At Beca, our industrial clients are in the midst of a significant transformation thanks to digitalisation. Industry 4.0 gives manufacturers and mining...


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New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...