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Meet innie, Anthill 2014 Cool Company Award WINNER [Micro]

In 2013, Bart, a skater guy who didn’t like the look of big floppy bows on his skate shoes got fed up with the discomfort of having to stuff his laces into his shoes to achieve a ‘bowless’ look. After finding out that there was no commercial solution to his ‘first world’ problem, Bart set out to invent a solution himself, and that is how the innie, a small flexible clip that attaches your lace to the inside of your shoe, came to life.

Meet Peepable, Anthill’s 2014 Coolest Company

Think about this: can you search for a video using only a certain quote said in it? Nope. Today’s video search is either confined to single platforms or is based on titles and meta tags. Determined to make video as searchable and shareable as text, Peepable will change this by allowing users to search on the spoken word in video and 'peep' right into a video to find just what they are looking for.

Meet, Anthill 2014 Cool Company Award WINNER [Online] is a company that reminds you of a somewhat uncomfortable fact of life in the digital age: You are being judged online. Everyone from prospective employers to prospective dates are checking out your social media profiles. helps you put your best face forward. The company aims to help individuals present themselves online in an authentic but compelling way. This is done by building awareness and understanding of how to create a professional persona online and stand out (in a good way!).

Meet Brandology Enterprises, Anthill Cool Company Awards 2014 WINNER [Mobile]

Anthill Cool Company Awards The Cool Company Awards were launched in 2006 as a way for Anthill to acknowledge and celebrate Australian organisations that are...

Meet REND Tech, Anthill 2014 Cool Company WINNER [Social]

In a country as large as Australia, it’s quite hard for health professionals to reach remote patients or for remote health businesses to reach resources to deliver better care to their patients. That’s why REND Tech Associates created Cloud for Health. This solution enables remote health professionals to have access to software, resources and support that’s the same as city based health professionals. No longer can it be said that the Australian medical professions suffers from the ‘tyranny of distance’. REND Tech is helping doctors save lives in remote areas, and that’s cool.

Meet ZSA ZSA Property, Anthill 2014 Cool Company Award WINNER [New Business]

In 2012, Danielle Geagea saw a gap in the market to bring style to real estate and provide a fresh experience for the consumer in the urban marketplace. Bada-bing! ZSA ZSA Property was born the following year. Now, the company aims to provide a better real estate experience for the consumer, provide options for the urban market and challenge the industry status quo.

Meet atmail, Anthill 2014 Cool Company Award WINNER [Global Growth]

Atmail is the outlaw of email providers. They are the rebels with real smarts. Atmail is making customers and other stakeholders their accomplices to transform the way they are used to see email. Atmail technology can be adapted and customised to meet the customers business' requirements. Atmail has more than 4,500 customers, including 7 of the 10 biggest ISPs in Australia



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