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Silent panic button alarm app for the iPhone

So many iPhone apps are designed to enrich your life. Here's one that could one day save it. The Silent Bodyguard is a personal security app that sends an discreet SOS distress signal, with GPS coordinates, to pre-programmed rescuers via a panic button.

Australian entrepreneurs need to widen investor audience

A national survey, released last week by capital raising magazine Wholesale Investor, has highlighted the need for entrepreneurs to get their deals in front of a wide investor audience. The findings show that investors will evaluate 10 to 30 deals before deciding to invest in one.

Research: high income earners happy but lack employer loyalty

In February, top level recruitment site Six Figures published its 2010 Executive Career Monitor Report. The report was compiled from a survey in late 2009 (in conjunction with talent site Destination Talent) of 1,332 Australian high income earners, with the findings being released at a breakfast meeting in Melbourne on 2nd March.

Not so ‘Mini’ when it comes to advertising…

For a small car, the Mini packs a big punch: particularly when it comes to its global advertising campaigns.

Optimism grows in Oz business trading market

Online business trading site BizExchange recently published its 2009 fourth quarter findings Index for Australian Private Business Values. Overall market sentiment surged for the second quarter running – in contrast to the lows experienced nine months previously – and has reached its highest levels since the Index survey began in 2006.

Apple blocks Japanese porn king Eugene’s road to riches

Eugene Lin's ambition of becoming a millionaire 70 cents at a time has been thwarted by Apple's removal of 5,000 apps deemed to contain overtly sexual content -- apparently in response to user complaints -- thus removing the entire Peekaboo suite.

Victorian government adopts Creative Commons as its default information licensing system

In a first move by an Australian government, the Victorian parliament has adopted Creative Commons (CC) licensing as its default licensing system for access to public sector information (PSI).

SixthSense technology combines physical and digital worlds [video]

Mistry believes that the next step in computing is blending human gestures in the physical world with that of our everday digital needs, thus bringing it, and us, closer together. At the same time this will free us from the interfacing restrictions that we currently experience.

The Woz explains how sleep deprivation led to colour displays

Major inventions and technical breakthroughs often happen by accident. Here legendary Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak explains how, while working with Steve Jobs to meet a deadline for Atari, he went four days without sleep, leading to one of his greatest technological breakthroughs.

Create a marketing campaign in 60 seconds

The complex and expensive world of professional marketing is an outsourced expertise that is mostly out of bounds to startups and SMEs. While many resources are available to the small business owner, it can also often come down to having the time to research and follow up on new ideas. This is where a novel product from Australian-based marketing company ChildsPlay Marketing can come in handy.

LinkedIn helps Irish startup raise over $250,000 in 8 days

Limerick-based software startup Goshido recently completed its first round of private fundraising in only eight days. What is more impressive is that it accomplished this feat solely via the social media networking site LinkedIn.

Free ASX know-how forum to help small caps grow with IPO

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) announced today that it will be staging a free IPO workshop, on 16 February, for small cap companies (companies with a market capitalisation of between $300 million and $2 billion) interested in growing their business through public listing.

NSW launches scheme to help SMEs with funding and research access

Of note to NSW SMEs and public sector research organisations (PSRO) is the launch last week of the NSW government's TechVouchers scheme, a pilot...

NICTA spin-off Audinate secures $4 million funding

Digital media networking solutions company Audinate (a NICTA spin-out company since 2006) has secured an additional $4 million funding round, which was led by its existing investors Starfish Ventures and Innovation Capital.

Research: Australians lead the world in time spent on social media

A recent survey by The Nielsen Company has shown a global rise of time spent on social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, of two and a half hours for December 2009 and December 2008. Going from three hours to five and a half hours represents a staggering 82 percent increase.

Three-year-old Chinese girl solves Rubik’s cube in 114 seconds

In more than 30 years, I've never managed to solve it (bar the sneaky sticker-removal method). However, this three-year-old Chinese prodigy has mastered the way of the Cube, completing the famous challenge in a staggering 114 seconds! And she even looks a little bored.

Eco and person friendly wheel with smarts

With the world's environmental attention firmly focused on the emmison-cutting wrangling taking place at COP15, it couldn't have been a better opportunity for the brains from the SENSEable City Lab at MIT to showcase their eco-friendly 'smart' innovation -- the Copenhagen Wheel.

5 key web analytics predictions for 2010

Web analytics company Webtrends has forecast what it sees as the five key trends in the web analytics industry for 2010.

Six emerging technologies receive more than $442k of COMET grants

With only a couple more weeks before the COMET program closes (to be replaced with the Commercialisation Australia program), it has been announced that six emerging technologies have received grants totaling $442,400, or $70,400 each.

Tabloid newspaper parodies iPhone ads

Britain's The Sun newspaper decided to showcase some of its core product's hottest features in a way that impressionable tech-savvy consumers might comprehend. Introducing... the newspaper -- this holiday season's must-have, feature-packed content interface for the person on the go.
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