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Can Facebook really deliver on its goal to redefine the internet?

Many years ago, Google took centre stage just as the world began to buzz about web 2.0. Could it be Facebook's turn to take the digital reins and deliver the next meaningful evolution of the web from the realm of geekdom to the mainstream.

Five nuggets of entrepreneurial wisdom, courtesy of Steve Sammartino (and my not-so-lucid memory)

Sammartino has a way of making you understand that those entrepreneurial dreams are not so fanciful. That they are achievable, no matter who you are, and that life is too short to fly a desk all your life.

Hidden Pizza Restaurant reveals not-so-hidden flaws in Yellow Pages’ digital strategy

What Yellow Pages has done with this campaign is spend (undoubtedly) an enormous amount of money reminding you that it exists. In the process, it may have also unwittingly demonstrated the strengths of its competition.

How to win Coles Egg Racer game. Prepare for a beat-up!

The app is a rare example of an Aussie brand developing a promotion exclusively for iPhone users. I'm talking about the development of an actual application, rather than the increasingly passe trend of giving an iPhone away as a prize. Or, strangely, giving iPhone users free access to Twitter and making a big fuss about it.

Access Wales is the easy route to expand your business

International Business Wales (IBW) has recently developed a new offering called Access Wales, to help companies progress their UK expansion plans even faster. This...

Of course Apple’s iPad isn’t what it was hyped up to be

The brand that normally can do no wrong is now feeling the unfamiliar sting of consumers and tech mavens worldwide who believe their expectations have been thoroughly unmet.

Who holds the power? Lessons from hybrid car innovation for clean technologies

Companies wanting to create a profitable market position in the competitive clean technology landscape must understand their competitors’ patents and how these will impact...

Website Optimisation: Learn the ultimate steps

"Searching" remains the number one activity on the web. So if your website is hidden in popular search engines like Google, chances are your...

Starting your own business or working from home?

Regus gives you the flexibility to work where, when and how you want. As the word’s leading provider of workplace solutions we can help you...

Learn what the experts REALLY think of your online business

Whether you're an online novice or an old hand, it's important to recognise the most common mistakes people make when taking their business online...

10 practical tips to improve your websites performance

It's easy for people to blame the tough times or other external factors when their website's not performing. But sometimes, the enemy is not...

8 Things You Must Know Before Buying A New Computer

I read an article recently discussing the complexity involved in choosing a new computer (laptop or desktop). Yes, computers themselves are complex machines with...

BarCampCanberra – Design and Technology Conference

BarCampCanberra is a free, community-organised conference that brings together designers, technologists and other creative professionals to share ideas/experiences. At BarCampCanberra, the participants are also...

Want Media Exposure for Your Business?

Then check out seekingmedia.com.au. Getting media coverage is the Holy Grail of marketing, but are you in good PR shape? Go to our Seven Step PR Workout to see how media fit you really are. With a bit of preparation, it won't take long to begin your media run.

Grow Me The Money

Grow Me The Money is a 12 month online program designed to help small to medium sized businesses become more sustainable and save money....
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New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...