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Best Delta 8 Hemp Tincture: Top Brands Reviewed [2021 Update]


D-8 is a highly popular and innovative version of THC cannabinoids currently available on the hemp and cannabis product market. It is extracted from hemp and can be used in various forms, including tinctures (oils), gummies, vape juices, and so on. A D-8 tincture is a concentrated form of D-8 THC that is simply perfect for routine use. 

However, since it’s still new, many people are still unaware of how D-8 can be used for many purposes. First of all, unlike Delta-9 THC, D-8 is legal. But then, there is also the fact that D-8 is perfect for cannabis consumers who want to get high. 

Aside from being slightly psychoactive but still legal, D-8 also provides relaxation and calmness. In other words, D-8 is perfect for people who like enjoying some effects of legal cannabis, including the psychoactive effect but don’t like any side effects associated with D-9, including paranoia, fogginess, anxiety, dizziness, etc.

If you’re just getting into D-8 and you’re looking for the best legal hemp tincture that will get you high but still allow you to remain calm, clear-minded and focused, D-8 hemp tincture is the answer to all your questions. 

With that in mind, we have prepared top reviews of the best D-8 hemp tincture brands of 2021 that you should keep an eye on if you want to get into D-8 and buy the best products on the market.

Top Delta 8 Hemp Tincture Brands of 2021


8Delta8 isn’t just a well-known brand on the D-8 market but a leading force that has been dictating trends since its inception. Aside from an array of fantastic D-8 products that made the brand a dominant force in the D-8 and CBD market, their delta 8 hemp tincture is what earned the brand its reputation. 

If you’re looking for the perfect middle ground between flavor, quality, purity, and effectiveness, 8Delta8 is the first brand to look into. While D-8 gummies are the company’s most popular products, their D-8 tincture is quickly gaining popularity. 

8Delta8 D-8 Hemp Tincture Review

8Detla8’s hemp tincture is a highly potent D-8 product. Available in 4 flavors (unflavored, orange, lemon, and mint), this is a pure and clear product that isn’t enhanced with any additional active ingredients. 

One of the biggest reasons why 8Delta8 is so highly rated on our list is that the brand uses the most modern and innovative extraction and manufacturing methods to create a perfectly balanced and pure hemp tincture wholly made of the cleanest, purest ingredients. 

In other words, their hemp tincture is free of any chemical fillers, flavoring agents, and additives. So if you’re looking for a hemp product that is safe for consumption daily, 8Delta8 should be your option number one.

You can easily find all the information about how the brand makes their products, the ingredients they use, whether their hemp is organic or not, where they cultivate it, how pure their products are, what extraction and manufacturing methods they use, how they package their products, and so much more on their website.

All their D-8 hemp tincture products are packaged according to the highest industry standards and are safe for daily consumption. But, more importantly, you can find all the vital information on the product and the ingredients, clearly printed on the label.

The brand also performs thorough lab testing and makes the testing results available on its website. In addition, they send their D-8 extract to third-party labs to thoroughly analyze its content and make sure it has the necessary purity, chemical structure, and quality. This kind of transparency, combined with exceptional and forthcoming customer service, is all the reasons we need to put our trust in 8Delta8.

Recommended Dosage

Since 8Delta8’s D-8 hemp tincture is highly potent, we recommend you start with smaller doses, ranging from 5mg - 10mg. Their hemp tincture comes in three different strengths:

  • 1000mg – 4 drops for starters (34mg)
  • 2500mg – 2 drops for starters (84mg)
  • 5000mg – 1 drop for starters (167mg)

8Delta8 Hemp Tincture Pros

  • MCT oil base
  • Lab-tested
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan-friendly
  • No additives, chemicals, pesticides, etc.
  • Extracted from organic industrial hemp, grown in the USA

8Delta8 Hemp Tincture Cons

  • Their D-8 hemp tincture isn’t for vaping but for external or sublingual use only.

Final Thoughts

Out of countless amazing delta 8 thc brands, 8Delta8 has the highest quality, most potent D-8 products on the market. Aside from exceptional customer service, an array of products on offer, and great prices, the brand also provides multiple flavors, transparent policies, clean ingredients, and the latest industry-standard in terms of overall quality. So if you’re looking for a trustworthy D-8 brand, start with 8Delta8.

2.Plain Jane

Plain Jane is another dominant force on the D-8 market, selling a wide range of premium CBD and D-8 products, ranging from premium flowers and vape juices to hemp-infused creams, butter, extracts, gummies, pre-rolls, etc. 

Aside from providing leading quality, Plain Jane is also quite affordable, selling top-quality D-8 and CBD products at relatively affordable prices. However, the reason why we decided to include them on our list is their one-of-a-kind indoor growing method, ensuring their industrial, organic hemp grows in a completely controlled environment. Because of that, their hemp plants are rich in terpenes and other cannabinoids.

Plain Jane D-8 Hemp Tincture Review

If you want to discover just how potent a Delta 8 hemp tincture can be, Plain Jane can lead the way. While the brand offers many oils and tinctures, their hemp-derived D-8 tincture is something entirely else. This is a fully natural D-8 CBD hemp tincture, safe for everyday consumption, perfect for both day or night use. 

Aside from being quite discreet and convenient, their hemp tincture is also free of any GMOs or pesticides. Plain Jane uses a special method to infuse hemp with D-8 by applying a combination of heat and pressure and uses no pollutants, additives, solvents, or harmful chemicals in the process.

If a safe manufacturing method, affordable prices, and the finest product are what you aim for, Plain Jane might just be right up your cannabis alley. The brand also sells a range of CBD and CBG strains too, which is quite rare. 

Their D- tincture is smooth and calming, promoting relaxation throughout the day. It is manufactured from naturally cultivated industrial hemp in a controlled environment and under specific conditions. 

Top brands like 8Delta8 and Plain Jane manufacture tinctures in a specific way that ensures maximum bioavailability. Since this is hemp-infused CBD oil in its essence, it can provide potential benefits to help alleviate anxiety and pain. 

If you use it properly, Plain Jane D-8 tincture can help promote healthy sleeping patterns, curb anxiety, and provide pain relief. It also allows the user to maintain focus and clarity. The last thing that sealed the deal on placing Plain Jane so high on our list is their incredible transparency. 

Aside from selling products in industry-standard packages with clearly transparent and informative labels, the brand also allows users to access the complete list of cannabinoids, terpenes, and ingredients in their products.

Recommended Dosage

Plain Jane D-8 tinctures are quite potent; therefore, starting with a smaller dosage is recommended. Their tinctures come in three strengths:

  • 1000mg – 4 drops for starters (34mg)
  • 2500mg – 2 drops for starters (84mg)
  • 5000mg – 1 drop for starters (167mg)

Plain Jane D-8 Hemp Tincture Pros

  • Made in the USA
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Industrial hemp
  • Natural ingredients
  • No GMO
  • MCT oil base
  • No pesticides

Plain Jane D-8 Hemp Tincture Cons

  • Despite claiming they offer three different sizes, only a 1000mg size is available.
  • Available in only one flavor

Final Thoughts

When it comes to availability, accessibility, convenience, and quality, only a few brands can compete with Plain Jane. Aside from offering an array of fantastic D-8 products, this is one of the very few brands that make an effort to inform and educate their customers on the effects and potential benefits of CBD and D-8.

3.Industry Hemp Farms

With a name such as Industry Hemp Farms, it’s not that hard to figure out why this brand is on our list. Highly rated on the internet and trusted by countless marijuana and cannabis consumers, IHF offers a fantastic range of CBD extracts, and D-8 products developed using cutting-edge extraction and manufacturing methods. 


Aside from offering unprecedented quality D-8 products, the brand also offers potent CBD and D-8 distillates, concentrates and extracts, an assortment of gummies, capsules, hemp asteroids, dabs, vape pens, moon rocks, shatter, and syringes, as well as vape carts, pre-rolls, and fresh flowers.

Industry Hemp Farms D-8 Hemp Tincture Review

IHF takes pride in offering the highest quality D-8 hemp tincture that comes in multiple flavors and potency. Each package is designed with consumer convenience and safety in mind; however, what separates this brand from the rest is its immense attention to detail. 


Each ingredient used to create their D-8 products is carefully hand-picked by a team of scientists and professional doctors. As a result, you can find all the information you need about the product on its label. 


Their products are completely clean and pure, containing no additional solvents, ingredients, chemicals, or additives. In addition, we like the fact that the brand grows its own organic hemp on the territory of the USA and uses in-house trimming and cultivation methods to provide consumers with unprecedented quality products. 


The brand also pays special attention to lab testing, regularly sending batches of D-8 extracts to third-party labs for thorough testing. Aside from impeccable purity and extreme quality, IHF likes to keep things quite transparent. 


You can find testing results, a lot of information about CBD, D-8, the legality of hemp products, potential medicinal and therapeutic benefits, cautionary advice, recommended dosage, and so much more on their website. We didn’t manage to find a single thing that would claim otherwise, which was quite enough to include Industry Hemp Farms in our list.

Recommended Dosage

IHF sells highly potent D-8 tinctures. As usual, we always recommend starting with a low dose and slowly increase it on your own accord. Their hemp tincture is available in three strengths:

  • 1000mg – 4 drops for starters (34mg)
  • 2500mg – 2 drops for starters (84mg)
  • 5000mg – 1 drop for starters (167mg)

Industry Hemp Farms D-8 Hemp Tincture Pros

  • Made with industrial, organic USA-grown hemp
  • No pesticides, GMOs, chemicals, additives, etc.
  • MCT oil base
  • Lab-tested
  • Multiple flavors

Industry Hemp Farms D-8 Hemp Tincture Cons

  • For external or sublingual use only

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a brand that offers not just hemp tinctures but a wide range of D-8 and CBD products, including rare-to-find items, IHF is a brand worth looking into. Their products are top-quality, affordable, and made to please even the most demanding cannabis consumers.

4.Nuleaf Naturals

The last on our list is Nuleaf Naturals. This one-of-a-kind D-8 brand produces premium D-8 tinctures from organic hemp and offers full-spectrum hemp extracts of the finest quality in the market. Aside from being a trustworthy and popular brand in the USA, their reputation is only preceded by their organic and pure D-8 hemp extracts used for producing top tinctures. 

Their products are known for providing users with an enjoyable and pleasurable experience and feeling. They include no added flavor or frills, as the brand’s focus is on purity and quality.

Nuleaf Naturals D-8 Hemp Tincture Review

We noticed that Nuleaf is the brand’s natural farming method used to cultivate and grow the finest hemp plants in the country. In addition, the brand has such impeccable attention to detail that they provide access to harvest dates for each product to allow their consumers to make sure their products are fresh. 

Aside from such transparency and a fantastic range of top products, the brand also lets its consumers know everything about their manufacturing, extraction, and growing methods. However, the thing that makes this brand so special is its D-8 tincture. 

The product is fully organic, pure, safe for consumption, and quite potent. All tinctures have a purely organic hemp seed oil and extract, all mixed with extra flavors. Their hemp tincture will get you mildly high, just enough to make you feel calm and relaxed but without any side effects associated with D-9 THC

More importantly, their hemp tincture contains less than 0.3% THC, making it perfectly legal for consumption. The brand also offers other tinctures enriched with other cannabinoids, such as CBC, CBG, and CBD.

Recommended Dosage

Nuleaf Naturals offers D-8 hemp tinctures in 4 potencies:

  • 225mg
  • 450mg
  • 750mg
  • 1500mg


It’s recommended to take 15mg per serving.

Nuleaf Naturals D-8 Hemp Tincture Pros

  • Pure tincture without additives, contaminants, or pesticides
  • Natural and organic ingredients
  • Lab testing
  • Eco-friendly extraction methods
  • Free shipping within the USA
  • 20% discount if you use their VV20 code

Nuleaf Naturals D-8 Hemp Tincture Cons

  • The 30-day money-back guarantee only works for unused products that are in their unsealed condition.

Final Thoughts

Nuleaf Naturals is a customer-friendly D-8 brand that offers an array of fantastic products at incredible prices, as well as a range of additional benefits that make them a worthy competitor on our list. Their D-8 hemp tincture is unprecedented, and the brand only uses transparent policies regarding the extraction and manufacturing of its products. This is a brand that you can count on in the long run.

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