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Australians would switch ISPs should they elect to implement the Government's voluntary filter

According to internet broadband comparison site Compare Broadband, 75% of Australians would switch service providers should they elect to implement the Government's voluntary filter. This comes at a time when three of Australia's largest ISPs, iPrimus, Optus and Bigpond, have agreed to filter out child abuse and child pornography as part of the Government's system.

Sippy Downs: Australia's answer to Silicon Valley

Last month, Sippy Downs was profiled by as "Australia's no-worries answer to Silicon Valley." The monthly feature has, for instance, centerpieced an Amsterdam enclave that's now a fashion hub, a slice of Vienna that's thriving as an art mecca, and an investment renaissance in southern Sicily.

Gruen Transfer ad wins Greens' endorsement

This week, the satirical commentary program rose even higher in our approval ratings when it unintentionally became a serious, political production house for the Greens when this 'fake' TV spot was aired on Wednesday night. Regular Gruen panelist Leo Burnett CEO Todd Sampson said on the program to its creators from Sydney agency Republic of Everyone, "It's the best ad The Greens have ever done. I'm sure you'll get a phone call". And they did.

iPhone loses ground to Android, Symbian and BlackBerry. Will this cause an 'almighty stink'...

In a development that's unlikely to be nearly as amusing as a toilet flush simulator, iPhone is losing ground to its competitors, likely to heighten rivalry between hardware and app developers alike. We've already seen how an almighty stink can arise over iPhone app developers. Take the case of Pull My Finger versus iFart.

The internet a "fourth" utility, says Telstra’s consumer business director, Rebekah O’Flaherty

This week’s interview is with Telstra’s executive director of consumer business, Rebekah O’Flaherty. She says the internet has now become a fourth utility in Australia with some people prepared to go without food and drink to preserve their connection.

There's a lot of iTalk going on, marketing survey says

Marketing survey puts emphasis on raising awareness of a product by word of mouth and says Apple got the most positive buzz among chit-chatting Australians.

Let's be blunt: It's a website for truthseekers

Niles Toh thinks people need honest assessments -- unvarnished opinions from folks outside their trusted friends, from voices beyond your inner circle. That's why he cobbled together a website that aspires to give people what they need rather than what they want to hear.

The government as hedge fund: breaking down the Treasury's rosy surplus prediction

RMIT University economist Sinclair Davidson questions Treasurer Wayne Swan’s claims that Australia is headed for a bigger than expected surplus. He says the government is betting on an increase in commodity prices, much like a hedge fund.

Grin and win: Friendly service is small business' secret weapon against big competitors

Friendly service is the secret weapon for local businesses looking to attract customers away from large retailers and firms, according to a new survey by American Express.

Five 'remarkable' pitch videos

Earlier this week, inspired by InnovationBay's call for pitch videos, we invited aspiring capital seekers to submit their videos to Anthill. Of the...

Australian, French researchers team up to battle Parkinson's disease

Researchers in Australia and France will work together to fight Parkinson's disease and similar neurodegenerative maladies, using funds from a program managed by the nation's governments.

Kids get kick from iPhone app's virtual soccer ball [Australian Innovation]

Some creative Australians have tossed a virtual soccer ball into the ever-expanding universe of iPhone apps. And that ball is enjoying a rather big bounce. The ball is the star of Upsies, an "augmented reality" game developed by Blind Mice Studios and Protein One.

Splish splash, I was takin' a jog… on my underwater treadmill [Australian Innovation]

Take your standard fitness centre treadmill. Add water. Lots and lots of water. In unimaginative hands, the result would be a sloshy, slippery mess that only a bucket and mop could cure. But in the hands of the folk at HydroCo, based at Seaford in Victoria, wetness plus walking-in-place equals the Physio 1611, a compact aquatic centre that can go where an Olympic-size pool couldn't hope to fit.

Most Australian small businesses say 'no' to internet

A solid majority of Australian SMEs don't use email, a web site or any other aspect of the Internet, a recent research report has found. Talk about missed opportunities -- that same report notes that the average Australian now spends nearly 18 hours a week online.

The only interesting thing you'll read about the election this week

It's been an election dull enough to bore even the most Machiavellian of political pundits. With nothing much ado on the frontlines, the only option left for those in the commentary box is to... well... comment on the commentators. Fortunately, in the era of digital media, analysis has never been more interesting.

When building your online profile, don't be bullied by the internet

The internet can be a bully. It can be your best friend one day and your mortal enemy the next. Anything from a high school school achievement to a business complaint, your footy team photo to a survey you took years ago – can all be found in a single Google search. A little scary isn’t it?

What does it really mean to 'empower' your staff? Or do you run a...

The term empowerment within the context of a business organisation is one that is much misunderstood and misdirected. What does it mean to ‘empower' your staff? What does an empowered team look like and how will it help the business achieve?

There's never been a safer time to live on the planet

The world is living through an unprecedented phenomenon, the decline of War, according to Edward Luttwak, former advisor to the White House Chief of Staff, who will be one of 35 speakers Melbourne this September for the inaugural Creative Innovation 2010 conference.

Your innovation initiative: What's the ROI?

It's right to think that if your organisation is not being innovative it will not be able to retain its position and will soon be overtaken by smarter competitors. But, unfortunately, the other side of this reality is that if the innovation initiative is not delivering quantifiable value then clearly it should not be funded and, therefore, should not exist.

How to 'Win that Job': Paul Lyons on the Australian recruitment market

Recruitment company Ambition’s chief executive Paul Lyons talks about the Australian recruitment market and skills shortages. Gen Y and Baby-Boomers might have more in common than you think.


5 Ways to get more out of your coffee shop meetings...

Far too much time is wasted in coffee shop meetings. More often than not, the conversation falls off topic, interruptions cause distractions and, before you know it, the meeting is over and you’ve achieved nothing. That’s what Antony Gaddie calls a Coffee and Doughnut meeting. You get a coffee and… zero. He’s the founder of Green Ant Marketing and he shared with us (over coffee) five things that you can do to help you make the most of your coffee shop meetings.


How to pitch sales and marketing ideas to your boss with...

If you work in sales and marketing, part of your job is to demonstrate your value. In fact, this is a universal rule in any workplace. So, how do you get the attention of your immediate boss – team leaders, sales managers, marketing direc-tors, the CEO or even the Board – to, ultimately, make your ideas happen? Check out this FREE REPORT


New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...