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Marketing: what's the buzz all about?

It's a concept that has taken on many names in recent times, including buzz marketing, viral marketing, word-of-mouth, word-of-mouse and stealth marketing. Whatever you call it, the concept is simple: using customers to create a conversation about a product or service.

Ahab's secret weapon

Before he abandoned his palaces for a hole and then a cell, Saddam Hussein had a reputation for being a bit of an adrenaline...

Surf's up

Lists. Endless lists. The latest curse of the web are those endless swimming pools of customer data - most popular, most active, most tagged or downloaded. Personally, I hate them. They tell me nothing, other than other people's aggregated bad taste. Worse, they miss one of the internet's most subtle and powerful features - the discovery power of networks.

Australia's innovation blind spot

I recently had the good fortune to host the Commercialisation EXPO 2006 conference held in Melbourne. It covered all the right areas and was a great success, but it is clear that one troubling issue remains - the chasm between innovation and marketing is as wide today as it has ever been.

Cory Doctorow's big tent

It was an outrage. In March, celebrity US blogger Arrianna Huffington caused a squall of controversy when she cobbled together quotes criticising the Iraq war from various articles and interviews with George Clooney, gained approval from Clooney's publicist and ran the post on thehuffingtonpost.com under Clooney's name, with a few of her own words tossed in for good measure. It was perceived as an assault on the central tenets of journalistic professionalism and drew fire from many quarters (leading to her qualified apology when the great man arced up). But The Huffington Post is a blog, not a newspaper of record, and Ms Huffington had as many defenders as accusers during the affair.

Q&A: Nigel Poole

As the person responsible for commercialising all new technologies emanating from the Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation, Nigel Poole knows all about transforming ideas into companies. From where he sits, Australia's so-called "commercialisation gap" is receding, with seed investment culture and managerial experience the keys. He's a busy man with busy ideas and a penetrating vision for Australia's future as a knowledge nation.

Motorola's market dilemma

Wandering through the halls of the enormous 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona in February, it was plainly evident that mobile communications is still in the very active stages of the innovation cycle. This event, which brings together most of the world's top telecommunications technology and network companies, has come a long way from its humble beginnings last decade in the French seaside town of Cannes, when early attendances numbered in the hundreds.

Don't worry, be happy

You may well ask, “What’s the point of getting up in the morning? What’s the point of carrying on with our business and affairs...

Microsoft's road to innovation

Australian companies are frequently criticised for their poor levels of investment in innovation. The most recent set of figures from the OECD shows that...

Don't kill bill

Following the tech market these days is a bit like watching a Japanese b-grade disaster movie. While Microsoft has long held the title as...

Reel business: Wolf Creek's Matt Hearn

Matt Hearn is an extraordinary film maker. But more than that, he...

'The Buck Starts Here' podcast

In the final days of September 2005, Anthill editor Paul Ryan caught up with five of Australia's leading early-stage venture capitalists. The meeting turned into a feature story. The feature story turned into a networking event, which we offered as a fly-on-the-wall audio CD. Now you can download/listen to it as a full podcast, which includes the previously unreleased Q&A session.

Entrepreneurs… it's time to lighten up!

Ever wonder why people drift away from you at parties, just when you are explaining the most compelling element of your wonderful enterprise? Could it be that you take yourself a tad too seriously?

Success to dream about: ResMed's Peter Farrel:

Peter Farrell’s authoritative baritone is at odds with his mission in life: to put people to sleep. From the embers of an idea, this...

Green Tech: innovations that won't cost the earth

As Mother Earth groans under the weight of human progress, smart and efficient environmental technologies are gaining currency. Global warming, dwindling power supplies, toxic...

The secret of success… it's no secret

One of the most disappointing aspects of writing about start-up companies is that in most cases there is no secret to their success. Having...

'A-Ha' moments

Simplicity is the common thread that links all great ideas. and sometimes they arrive like a lightning bolt. We asked three innovators about their...

Where's the gold?

Imagine if Australia's innovators and entrepreneurs received the same media attention as sporting celebrities. Maybe we would find Ziggy Switkowski being tested for caffeine ingestion...

The business of 'Keeping Us Safe'

For technology entrepreneurs, the war on terror has become the next Y2k. Governments are pumping dollars into defence and security with a level of...

Who's on track?

It's said that in China the economic revolution is most visible on its roads. In recent years, carmakers from Japan, Europe and the US have...
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