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Bacon, porn, cheese. LOL! What’s really happening on social media [VIDEO]

Are you a little bit tired of all the hyperbole around social media? Are you annoyed that every second person you meet at a networking event is now a social media expert? You're not alone. This video from The Poke gives us a real infographic about the wonderful world of social media.

Top three mistakes entrepreneurs make when they first talk to investors – an interview...

Shawn Livermore, CEO of Ziptask, is confident that his companies’ simple mobile product is what will make all the difference. In this video, Livermore...

iSee blurs the virtual and the real. And it could soon be real

iSee is ”a combination of positive attributes of video conferencing and virtual environments, using real-time video instead of avatars,” says Prof. Farzad Safaei of UOW's ICT Research Institute and the lead researcher of the project.

A conversation with a younger you [VIDEO]

With more than six million views in less than a week, this is one video that should be shared. As a 12 year old, Jeremiah McDonald wanted to talk to his future self. It was a crazy idea. But a kid with that much crazy found a way to make it happen.

Facebook Pro accounts: come on, it’s been free forever [VIDEO]

Do you consider yourself to be a Facebook power user? This parody video from the good people at Jest, shows off some of the potential paid models that would stop the bottom from falling out of the Facebook share price.

Does our Facebook behaviour show us what the average Australian likes?

Is Facebook a true barometer of what we like? The May 2012 Australian Facebook Performance Report has some interesting data about what we are liking on Facebook. It turns out we like Tim Tams. A lot. Who knew?

Say no to handshake deals. Get the fine print instead

When a person enters into a business relationship, particularly with family members, friends and acquaintances, the use of legal contracts is often perceived as a sign of mistrust. It does not have to be that way.

Collaborative eyes, are watching too. They see your every move [VIDEO]

Google raises the bar in quirky product advertising. Will the younger generations appreciate this very Generation X reference? Regardless, it has clocked more than three million views in less than two months. This is a bit of genius self promotion from Google.

It’s all in the cloud. Find the one that’s right for you

Over and above the comprehensive value it provides, cloud computing offers very distinct advantages to businesses. We believe several may be behind the rapid adoption.

Sex and the saleswoman. How to keep it professional

Women have many innate traits that potentially can help them rise to the highest levels in sales. They have a natural ability to really “listen” to their customers, recognise and understand others’ needs. What’s more, they are great at harnessing their emotional intelligence.

It’s not all in the smartphone. Your smarts matter, too

We could turn ourselves a lot smarter by simply choosing the right apps to use – apps that, say, enable networking on the go or get more out of those idle “time fillers” everybody suffers through a working day.

How to lose market share in one easy step: insights from the browser wars...

Once upon a time there was a company called Netscape. It reigned supreme on the Internet until the first browser war. Microsoft Internet Explorer was crowned the new king. Yet, as the battle for web browser supremacy continues, the new king has lost its footing. Google Chrome just clocked up 410 million users.

Own IP? Here’s an app to keep sight of its value

You would imagine the legal fraternity to be a slouch when it comes to technology. Remember how they were stuck, for years, with the...

Space, the final frontier. Has the Higgs boson made warp drives a possibility? [VIDEO]

I have to admit, I'm pleased that the Higgs boson is headline news around the world. Who would have thought that everyone would get so excited about science, about physics? So, why is this really so very cool? Not only is this discovery awesome, but it opens up a whole new world of invention.

Are entrepreneurs unemployable?

Having just sold a business and yet to find her next passion, she thought she might give the corporate world a go. After two months of day-after-day job hunting, my friend called me with this insight: "I think I'm unemployable".

Cooler toys than Batman: How the Jetman wants to make us all fly [VIDEO]

We were promised a future with flying cars and jetpacks. Feeling a bit gypped? Well, the jetpack is already here. Sure, it's still pretty damn risky, but one man, The Jetman, plans to make it accessible to every one of us.

Seeking intelligence on digital startups, Mi9 joins hands with Pollenizer

Mi9’s Product Innovation team would drive this partnership and has the “remit to grow the group’s ventures portfolio.” Part of this process would involve sifting through Pollenizer’s startups and accelerating those with new digital products. Mi9 also will have the option to invest in these new digital businesses.

What businesses can learn from Casey Stoner’s retirement

Two-time MotoGP World Champion Casey Stoner recently announced his early retirement. Interestingly, the reason cited was not lost love of riding motorcycles, but his disillusion regarding how the sport is run and managed.

First be nimble: How leading companies adapt, innovate and perform in a volatile world

The business world has a new language. Instead of annual plans, three year strategies and sustainable competitive advantage we hear of disruption, uncertainty, speed and ambiguity.

How the founder of got his entrepreneurial groove back [VIDEO]

Upon leaving his corporate job, Jeff Hoffman was told by the person who had been his role model that he would fail in business. Crushed, he went home to watch some sport on TV. What followed was an epiphany that led Hoffman to help found



Five essential things to get right if you want to raise...

So you’ve got a brilliant idea, or maybe you’ve even started building your nascent business, but you think it might help to bring on some extra money. You try to raise the money, but wherever you go it seems there are roadblocks and challenges, and it’s difficult to know where to start. To help tackle this tricky tropic, we interviewed Bryan Vadas. He’s the founder of iPledg (Australia’s leading crowdfunding platform for creative, commercial, charitable and community projects) and Capital Exchange Australia (an education and funding platform for startups).


New Zealand’s Xero eyes US IPO, further disruption as subscribers increase...

Xero recently held its annual meeting in Wellington, during which the company revealed some interesting details about its future. As has been widely suspected, the...