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Ben Angel is the author of the brand new controversial book, ‘Sleeping Your Way to The Top in Business -- The Ultimate Guide to Attracting & Seducing More Customers’. Grab your copy today by visiting www.benangel.com.au

How to influence people (winning friends is optional)

How would you like to increase your influence in all areas of your life? If your answer’s ‘Yes, please’, first we need to dispel a common myth. Thanks to the personal development movement, it’s commonly believed that humans recall between five and nine associated pieces of information at a time before either committing them to long-term memory or letting them go -- often referred to as ‘7 +/- 2’ theory. Newsflash! The theory is wrong!

Seven steps to unlock your personal X-factor (It’s more than je ne sais quoi)

Can you imagine the kind of influence you could have on others simply by decoding your own ‘X-factor’? After considering over fifty scientific studies around the world on human behaviour, Ben Angel has broken down ‘X-factor’ appeal into seven main areas.

Finding the moment where everything ‘clicks’ into place

So there I was, punching my pillow, questioning everything: why my life wasn’t working, why I my work life wasn't satisfying, why I felt directionless and why the universe was so cruel. Dad had recently passed away at the age of 52 from a brain tumour. I was just 23 years old and had my world thrown into complete chaos. I didn’t know who I was anymore, I was depressed and I was angry.

What ‘Dunbar’s number’ and ‘your weakest links’ can teach you about business.

As popularised in Malcolm Gladwell’s book ‘The Tipping Point’, ‘Dunbar’s number’ is a theory suggesting each of us can only maintain stable relationships with a maximum of 150 other people (i.e. meaningful contact once a year minimum) at any one time. What’s more, the theory is now backed up by Facebook. The social networking juggernaut reports the average user has 130 friends, which slots nicely into Dunbar’s average range of 100-150 meaningful relationships per person.

Are your personal emotions turning away customers?

Oscar Wilde once said, “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” There is one worse thing. And that's leaving a lasting impression that mysteriously makes people not want to even think about you at all.

If you don’t like ‘selling’, here are 5 rules to ease the burden

It's time to ask that important question, 'So, do we have a deal.' But instead, your stomach starts to stir with anxiety, your hands get sweaty, you begin to question your sense of self-worth (or lack thereof) and, before you know it, not only have you failed to close the sale, you've inadvertently demonstrated your lack of belief in the offer (through your hesitation) and started to actually talk down the product in some misguided attempt to demonstrate that you are, indeed, not a salesperson! What are you thinking!

Don’t dress to depress! Your backstage guide to influencing clients through contrast

Have you ever wondered which techniques musicians and actors use to fiercely dominate their genre and influence their fan base? After all, if you knew what they were and how to apply them, they could dramatically increase your sales, help you attract much needed media exposure and command ‘instant’ attention in your niche quite literally overnight.

4 Steps to getting off the Business D-List you didn’t know you were on

We see it every week in the gossip mags: “Up-and-coming wannabe movie star ‘caught’ schmoozing at the hottest party with established (and too often married) star.” None of this is accidental, neither is it accidental when new and typically ‘unknown’ music acts get to headline for international artists on tour. It’s blatant PR.

Three steps to boosting your conversion rates

Everyone understands how important conversion rates are, right? Clearly not, or businesses would be doing more to increase theirs on a weekly basis instead of running around like headless chooks promoting to every Tom, Dick and Harry they come across.

Saddle up for networking success with the Magnificent 7

OK, all you sales staffers, it's nitty-gritty time. I'm about to give you the Magnificent 7 of Networking -- seven interconnected fundamentals that will allow you to build effective and profitable relationships for your business.

Get the plunger! It’s time to remove those brand blockages.

What makes your business stand out above your competitors? What makes individuals select your products and services over theirs? What makes them stare at your website, brochures or you, desiring what you have to offer, and yet, at the end of the day, they fail to make a purchase and then move on to one of your competitors? The ‘inconvenient’ truth is that your business simply isn’t remarkable.

Are women snubbing men in the boardroom?

Imagine this... You are one of one hundred and thirty women walking into a room to learn about networking with men to gain board positions. As you walk in, you see the only male presenter standing there, smiling, next to the door. He is not directly in your way. However, he is standing just far enough from the doorway that you have to change direction to make your way around him to enter the room and find your seat. Do you make an effort to say hello or walk on by?

Harness the long-lost ritual of seductive storytelling

Storytelling is a highly effective way to draw customers into your organisation, but how do you apply it in your business?

Keep your friends close and your competitors even closer

It is commonplace in business to look at what your competitors are doing and do your own carefully crafted version of that. Excuse me. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. There is nothing unique about reflecting the messages within your industry.

Lady Gaga sells the kind of porn that turns her clients on

Attracting new clients to your business can be as simple as finding out what turns them on. I’m talking about how to uncover the secret desires of your audience in order to really tickle their fancy and best excite and seduce them into becoming your clients.

Five steps to becoming highly infectious on Twitter

You’re tweeting mad if you’ve missed the short-term and long-term benefits that a social media platform like Twitter can create for your business and personal brands.

Are you a regurgitated version of your competitors? (Plus YouTube & 145,000 views)

Yes, yes I hear you… you’re adamant that your business model is different. But is it really? Take a moment now to jump online and Google the products and services you sell. Does your offering still feel so unique, or is it starting to look suspiciously similar to others in the marketplace?

Are business consultants a bunch of frauds?

Earlier this week one of my clients exposed to me that she felt like a fraud as a business consultant. She can’t be the only one. Right?! If you’ve never felt like a fraud then don’t even bother reading the rest of this article.

To give up or go on: Is it time to call it quits?

Eight years ago I found myself on the floor in tears. My father had just passed away, my business was failing and my love life sucked. I was at a cross roads in my life and didn’t know which way to turn. As it turned out, there was only one real option.
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