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Advertising specifications

Anthill’s advertising specifications were developed to follow the IAB guidelines. We also encourage designers and agencies to use the IAB Creative Spec Database as a simple, easy-to-use centralised source of interactive advertising creative specifications.

Banner Advertising (Onsite & Email)

ONSITE: 728w x 90h (Leaderboard) 40k :15
ONSITE: 300w x 250h (Medium Rectangle)
40k :15
EMAIL: 468w x 60h (Full Banner)
40k :15


  • SECONDS: Recommended Animation Length (Seconds)
  • FILEWEIGHT: Recommended Maximum Initial Download Fileweight
  • :15 animation includes multiple loops (max 3)
  • All files should be in GIF, JPG or SFW (Flash) format
  • We do not recommend SFW (Flash) images for email banners
  • All dimensions are in pixels.

SUBMIT your banner artwork AT:


Email Advertising (eDMs & Text Promotions)

Below are Anthill‘s guidelines and specifications for dedicated emails (eDMs) and email Text Promotions. Please read the instructions carefully.

Dedicated emails (eDMs)

Delivery: All files should be provided to us as attachments to an email. All files should arrive at least 72 hours before your scheduled slot to allow for test emails and sign-off. For example, most eDMs are sent from Anthil at 9:30am on a Friday. This means that we require your artwork before 9:30am on the previous Tuesday. If your file does not meet these guidelines, it will be returned, which could delay your mailing. Because Anthill only releases one eDM per week and sometimes has a waiting list of several weeks, the delay can be significant.

Format & Design: Please provide an HTML file suitable for email. A PDF file, Word document, or other file cannot be sent as-is. Occasionally a website URL can be used (but this is rare). If you cannot provide an HTML file, Anthill can create one at our standard creative rates ($150 per hour). This option will require receipt of your creative at least one week prior to the date of the mailing and is subject to staff availability.

Specifications: The design of the email message should not exceed a width of 600 pixels. Email creative cannot include Flash, video, or Javascript. These will not work in most email systems and may trigger security warnings.

Images: All images used in the email must be hosted on the web, preferably on your web server. Images and links should use absolute links (http://www.example.com/image.jpg) and not relative links (../image.jpg). As part of your HTML file, we recommend that you specify ALT text for embedded images, especially images conveying information important to the meaning of the mailing (e.g., offer details). If email software is configured not to load images, your ALT text is the only thing readers will see. Unimportant images should receive empty ALT attributes (alt=””).

Anthill Branding & Introduction: Anthill will add headers and footers to the email with an Anthill logo, information about our permission-based email program, and unsubscribe information. Anthill will also include a friendly introduction to the email. The introduction from Anthill will reflect the tone of Anthill magazine and is not subject to approval or sign-off from the advertiser.

Sample introduction:

Unsubscribe or identity-management information in your email that references another email system or list will need to be removed.

S-ASCII Characters: Characters in the HTML file must be within the US-ASCII character set (which excludes most accented characters and symbols) Replace characters outside this range with suitable proxies (e.g., two dashes for one emdash) or HTML character entities (e.g., © for © or é for é). Click here for a list of these character codes.

Headlines (subject): You must provide at least one subject line. The length of subject the line should be short and to the point. Automated spam filters look at the content of your message and the subject line. Avoid using unnecessary punctuation (!, $, 100%) to lower your spam ratings. Also try to avoid words commonly used in spam, such as “FREE”, where possible. Do not use all CAPS. Keep the majority of your text in lower case.

Split-Testing: Anthill also offers clients the opportunity to split test headlines. If you would like to split test your headline (trial two different headlines), please make this clear in the body the the delivery email to Anthill (the email that contains your HTML file).

SUBMIT your email with HTML file AT:


Text Promotion

Delivery: Text Promotions should be uploaded using the online form: https://anthillmagazine.wufoo.eu/forms/email-advertising-text-promo-mrec-upload-form/

Specifications: When using this form, clients will be required to provide the following items. Please have this information prepared before commencing the online form.

1. Headline (Seven words or less)
2. Body text (30 words or less)
3. Call to action (Seven words or less)
4. Web Site (URL Link)
5. Image

Please provide this information as you wish your promotion to appear in the Anthill email. Anthill reserves the right to edit for reasons of space and clarity.

Text Promotion Image: If you would like an image, such as a logo, in your Text Promotion, you will be asked to upload this image when using the online form. Please have this item ready.

Image Pixels: 100(w)x100(h)
File size limit: 30kb
Files type(s): JPG, GIF
*No flash sorry.

Upload your Text Promotion using the online form:


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