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Adelaide bus commuters get free wireless entertainment platform


Margaret Thatcher once remarked that anybody over the age of 30 who used a bus could consider themselves a failure. Now, Adelaide commuters might be clamouring over one another to get on the bus thanks to a new free mobile entertainment platform.

The platform, dubbed “Podmo“, is part of i-Commute, a trial on Adelaide’s bus service funded by a consortium that includes Adam Internet, UniSA, MIMP, Cisco, WebShield and TransSpot.

Once installed on public transport, Podmo allows passengers to use their mobile devices (via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) to browse the web, download and play games, chat using instant messaging and access various other internet applications. It operates independently of telecommunications, allowing users to connect free of charge through dedicated hotspots.

It is hoped that by making public transport productive and entertaining, commuters will be encouraged to leave their polluting cars at home.

Podmo, which features patent-pending software, was invented by Queensland-born Che Metcalfe. Metcalf is now based in Adelaide where he heads up the world-first platform.