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If you’ve ever posted or viewed a video on YouTube, then this is for you! [VIDEO]


And, given that about a gadzillion videos of ….

This is a parody video from Barely Political about common complaints about the video sharing service.

I love the opening explanation about Google+ and its circles. It’s okay, no one understands it!

And, Elsa from Frozen is as sassy as I’d like her to be. She’s may be more sick to death of that damn song than me, and I’m the one with a seven year old daughter!

All the popular memes so far in 2014 are here. Snogging strangers, bad harmonies, good ones and fake English accents. It’s all here in one tidy little compilation.

If you’ve ever uploaded or watched a YouTube video, you’ll enjoy this parody. Almost four million YouTube viewers have already enjoyed it, and in only four days too. It’s a cracking viral video.

Happy Friday Anthillians!

YouTube Complaints 2014


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