If you’re doing some outdoor marketing, I think you want this guy...

If you’re doing some outdoor marketing, I think you want this guy to be holding your sign [VIDEO]


Who even knew sign flipping was possible? Is it some new extreme sport that all the kids are into and I’m just so far behind?

If you’re thinking of adding a sandwich-board out front of your store or other outdoor signage, my tip is to get this guy to hold it.

Sure, for most of the routine no one will be able to read the sign due to its insane flipping but, once the performance is done, it will be memorable.

Keep an eye out for the sudden 80s flashback mid video, when a break dancing dude appears wearing an Atari t-shirt. My first computer was an Atari 400, which had wipe-down keyboard and everything.

That was back in the olden days, which dates me… badly. This is clearly why I don’t know about such things as sign flipping.

World’s best sign flipper


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