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Are you worried about how much your kids stare at a screen? This might be the solution


Squaggle kid’s tablet is the ultimate solution to ensure that screen time is a positive force in our children’s lives.

The tablet, which is currently Kickstarter’s number 1 gadget for kids globally, has raised almost $30,000 in pledges and has over 310 backers. However, it still has a way to go to reach its $300,000 goal by the 13th February deadline

Squaggle’s innovative tablet has been over two years in development and boasts over 324 games, books and puzzles. Its award winning ‘edutainment’ apps take the worry out of screen time, whilst making learning child’s play for children aged 3-12. It also protects kids from inappropriate websites and videos.

Squaggle’s founder, Adrian Tobin, explains ‘Squaggle is bigger, better and faster than any other kids’ tablet available today. It has the biggest screen, the most included award winning edutainment apps, the highest resolution front and back cameras, the longest lasting battery, and the best speakers.’ ‘We have designed and built a product that will change the way kids consume entertainment for the better. We hope it can become a reality with the support of the community and backers of the project.’

How exactly does Squaggle work?

One of the featured apps on Squaggle is ‘AWEsum’ – described by Mike Reiner as ‘If Tetris and Sudoku had a baby… It would be AWEsum!’.  Mike, a high school maths teacher, and Reuben Simonson, a former game console developer, together developed the award-winning, action-packed puzzle game that makes mathematics fun and engaging for children.

Mike said: “We created AWEsum to help engage children with apps that are not only fun, but educational too! It’s great to see that Squaggle  further reinforces this philosophy with an array of like-minded apps with the same goal to make screen time a positive force in our kid’s lives.”

Squaggle co-founder Bill Rafferty said: “We set out to create a tablet designed especially for kids aged 3 to 12. We’re proud that the end product ensures our kids spend their screen time productively and safely, however we need the help of the Australian public to make it a reality with ALL pledges going towards our first production run.

“We need the support of parents and educators out there who believe it’s important to make screen-time a positive aspect of our kid’s lives. Too much of our kid’s time is being spend on mindless, time-wasting apps full of ads and in-app purchases.”

What is the story behind Squaggle?

No overnight success, Squaggle’s founders Bill and Adrian performed rigorous testing processes with 61 manufacturers, quality checking 21 sample tablets, and testing over 650 apps over a two-year period.

The chosen apps foster independent learning in children by nurturing their curiosity and creativity. Each app promotes play, interaction, touch, thinking, watching, reading, and listening to expand kids’ minds.  The evolving platform of quality content provides a safe browsing environment with its innovative Parent Mode, which ensures that screen time is not only enjoyable for kids, but safe and age-appropriate content is being viewed.

Squaggle Tablet is the perfect size for kids, featuring a large 8-inch high-definition screen and a ‘kid-tough’ case. It comes in kid-friendly colors and is drop- and scratch-resistant.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, which relies on the support of pledges from the public and investors, the first production run of Squaggle tablets will be shipped to customers in July 2018.

Squaggle Kids Tablet is available from $99, with free shipping available until January 26th. To lend your support, click http://009.e.fnd.to/squaggle (or search ‘Squaggle’) and select the ‘Back this project’ button. Your pledge amount will only be charged if the campaign reaches its $300,000 goal by 13th February.